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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

SEATAG - Guadeloupe & Saint-Martin, FWI

A project of Reseau Tortues Marines Guadeloupe in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Cerise Green TurtleJuvenile2013-11-222014-08-13264
Fifine Green TurtleAdult2014-08-192014-11-1588
Joe Green TurtleJuvenile2015-06-152016-04-17307
LEA Green TurtleAdult2014-09-022015-05-22262
Loanne Green TurtleJuvenile2013-10-252014-06-07225
Lydie Green TurtleJuvenile2013-11-222014-07-17237
Marion Green TurtleAdult2014-09-142014-11-2471
Robinson Green TurtleJuvenile2013-10-252014-06-07225
Sasha Green TurtleJuvenile2015-06-152015-11-19157
Yolande Green TurtleAdult2014-10-172015-01-1287

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This project takes place in Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin, French West Indies, where almost 1,000 turtles die as bycatch each year. Indeed, turtles feeding ground are often fishing area as well, as fishing is mainly coastal there, causing mortality in both nesting and foraging green and hawksbill. Informations are needed to adapt conservation efforts to protect our turtles on their whole home range.

“SEATAG” focus on green: we have already settled 4 satellites devices on green nesting females in 2006 and 2007, and 2 satellites tags on feeding individuals in 2010.

2013-2014 project include settlement of 7 GPS-tags on feeding green turtles, and 4 tags on nesting females.

Deployment started in may, 2013 in Petite-Terre natural Reserve. We have presently 1 tag still running –but not for long- on one feeding juvenile, Cerise (foraging in Petite-Terre natural Reserve, located in the Atlantic Ocean). Lydie’s tags (same feeding ground) stopped few months ago and Robinson’s and Loanne’s (foraging in west coast of Guadeloupe, Caraibean sea) as well in june.

In 2014, 4 nesting greens was equiped by tags. Fifine nested in south Basse-Terre, Marion nested in Petite Terre, Léa nested in East Grand-Terre and Yolande nested in north Basse-Terre.

After few months these four tags was turned off.

In 2015, 2 foraging immature greens was captured in seagrass near Tintamarre Island. A GPS tag was deployedon each turtle : Joe and Sasha. The survey start the 15 june 2015.

This would helps to improve knowledge, to enhance conservation measures, on :

- Feeding and diving behavior on foraging grounds in guadeloupean waters

- Migratory pathways of nesting females

- Feeding grounds of green females which use guadeloupean beaches as nesting sites

Outreach programs are linked with this project. A drawing contest took place at the beginning of 2013, to design SEATAG project logo: winners choose “Robinson’s” name, won a t-shirt and assisted in October at a deployment.




Project Sponsors

This program is supported by French State, Guadeloupe Region, European Union and private sponsors



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SEATURTLE.ORG collaborates with Argos to help scientists and conservationists manage and analyse their valuable animal tracking data.

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