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How do I get my data on this site?

If you are interested in adding animals that you are tracking to the website just send a message to Please provide your Argos Program Number and project name in the message so that we can set up an account for you in the Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool (STAT). You will also need to set up a free user account on so that you can log in and manage your data.

If you are actively tracking animals or have archived data, you will need to provide any previously collected data, preferably in Argos' DIAG format. Once your STAT account has been set up, you will need to log in to STAT and provide your Argos username and password so that STAT can automatically retrieve your data from Argos. Once you have data in STAT you can set-up projects and configure the appearance of each tracking map. You will have an opportunity to preview all project and tracking pages before making them public.

You are free to use your project maps generated for the website in any way you like, including linking from or copying to other web sites. Products used in reports or publications must acknowledge SEATURTLE.ORG's Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool, and those used on other websites should include a prominent link back to the website.

Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool (STAT)

The "Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool" is the engine that works behind the scenes to make everything go. Each night STAT logs in to the Argos servers and retrieves any new or updated data and inserts them into the database. It then sends a summary of the update to e-mail addresses designated by each program manager and regenerates all of the maps to reflect the new or updated data.

STAT is also where you set up projects to be shared on the satellite tracking website. Simply create a new project, give it a name and description, select each of the tags that should be included in that project, and even upload sponsor and partner logos to be displayed on the project page. You can set-up as many projects as you like. You can then configure each of your tags by entering an animal's name and background information and choose from a number of options that control the appearance of your maps. You can preview all of your pages before making them public, and simply check a box to make a project public when you are ready. You are not required to share your tracks to take advantage of STAT, but it is preferred that at least some of your tracks are made public.

Also under development are a suite of data management and analysis tools. Currently, you are able to review and export your data, including bathymetry data extracted from the GEBCO 1-minute global bathymetry dataset. Additional tools include data filters, summary reports and maps, additional export functions and a direct link to SEATURTLE.ORG's Maptool for on-the-fly mapping of your data.

Wildlife Adoption Program

Once you are sharing tracks on the website those animals become eligible for the "Wildlife Adoption Program". You may designate which animals to make available for adoption. Visitors to the web site are invited to adopt tracked animals. Proceeds from each adoption go to support both your tracking program and Satellite Tracking and Analysis. Contact for more details and terms of use.

Feature article in Marine Ecology Progress Series:
Coyne MS, Godley BJ
Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool (STAT): an integrated system for archiving, analyzing and mapping animal tracking data (Link to full PDF)

STAT News and Peer-Reviewed Publications

STAT Brochure

Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool: 211,110 Data Points and Growing - Poster presented at the 2005 Argos Users Conference

STAT: Building capacity to manage, analyze and publicly share marine vertebrate tracking data and integrate movements with oceanographic data - Presented at Biologging II, June 2005


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