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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

The following projects have been archived because no new locations have been received for more than 30 days. The date in parentheses indicates that last time a location was received for each project.

Species: Gender:
Last UpdateProject Title
18 Mar 2018Renaissance Whale and Dolphin Project 2017 Arabian Sea Humpback Whale Satellite Tagging
09 Mar 2018Conservancy of SW Florida Keewaydin Island Turtle Tracking Project - Subprogram
05 Mar 2018Thevenard Island - Flatbacks
27 Feb 2018Virginia Aquarium Tracking
27 Feb 2018Ningaloo Outlook Whale Shark tracking
26 Feb 2018Projecto Kitabanga – Conservação de Tartarugas Marinhas
13 Feb 2018WCS Belize Sea Turtles
07 Feb 2018CARESAT
07 Feb 2018Distribution patterns of Kemp's ridley sea turtles in the southeast US
05 Feb 2018Northern elephant seals post-molting 2017
29 Jan 2018Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project
16 Jan 2018Flatback tracking from Gladstone, QLD
14 Jan 2018Conservación y preservación de tortugas marinas
26 Dec 2017Movements and foraging of Snail Kites relative to habitat, prey, and contaminant condition
17 Dec 2017Côte d'Ivoire 2017
09 Dec 2017Oman Female Loggerhead Turtle Tracking 2017
07 Dec 2017Manx Basking Shark Watch 2017-2018
06 Dec 2017Dugong movement behaviour in New Caledonia – Dugong 2010-2015 Action Plan
28 Nov 2017Everglades Loggerheads
28 Nov 2017New England Aquarium Cape Cod Release 2014
14 Nov 2017Adult green turtles of the Archie Carr NWR
11 Nov 2017Manx Basking Shark Watch SPOT Tagging 2016-17
07 Nov 2017Juvenile Elephant seal translocation
02 Nov 2017Scotland 2016: Basking shark SPOT tags
28 Oct 2017Veracruz, Mexico Kemp's Ridley Tracking-2016
19 Oct 2017Manx basking shark watch spot tagging 2015-16
16 Oct 2017Gumbo Limbo Nature Center's Rehabilitated Turtle Tracking
12 Oct 2017Caribbean Colombian Sea Turtle Satellite Tracking
20 Sep 2017Padre Island National Seashore Male Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program
17 Sep 2017Virginia Aquarium and US NAVY Sea Turtle Research Project
10 Sep 2017Ten Thousand Islands - Kemp's ridleys
09 Sep 2017Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2015
05 Sep 2017WWF Sea Turtle Satellite Tracking in Latin America and the Caribbean
03 Sep 2017Tras la Ruta de Las Tortugas Golfinas.. BELLA...2016 !!!!
03 Sep 2017Tras la Ruta de Las Tortugas Golfinas ....2016 !!!!
03 Sep 2017Costa Rica Dome Expedition April 2017
28 Aug 2017IMMS Ridley 9
18 Aug 2017Spatial distribution patterns of adult male loggerhead sea turtles captured by research trawling in the Southeast US
12 Aug 2017St. Andrew Bay sea turtles
09 Aug 2017Bardi Jawi turtle tagging and tracking
31 Jul 2017Mediterranean loggerhead turtles as oceanographic sampling platforms
29 Jul 2017Fondazione Cetacea
23 Jul 2017Mote Marine Laboratory - Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital
19 Jul 2017Tortugas Marinas del Golfo de California
16 Jul 2017National Aquarium Animal Rescue
13 Jul 2017Tras la Ruta de Las Tortugas Golfinas..Xareni...2016
02 Jul 2017Tras la Ruta de Las Tortugas Golfinas..RAYITO...2016 !!!!
15 Jun 2017APECS 2016: Basking shark SPOT tags
04 Jun 2017LIFE Caretta Calabria
30 May 2017Salish sea harbor seal foraging study, Part II 2016
29 May 2017Juvenile loggerhead use of the Gulf Stream off Cape Hatteras, NC
23 May 2017Bangladesh Sea Turtle Satellite Tracking Project-Marinelife Alliance
27 Apr 2017Queensland, K'gari (Fraser Island) - Courting Male Green Turtles
27 Apr 2017Queensland: K'gari (Fraser Island) Courting turtle tracking 2014-17
19 Apr 2017Movements and distribution of loggerheads from Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece 2013
14 Apr 2017Alabama Sea Turtles
13 Apr 201735th ISTS
07 Apr 2017Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program
04 Apr 2017IMMS Ridley 8
24 Mar 2017Homerus
16 Mar 2017Locker Island flatbacks
09 Mar 2017Conservancy of SW Florida Keewaydin Island Turtle Tracking Project
25 Feb 2017Mackay & District Turtle Watch
24 Feb 2017South Australia's Sea Lions as Ocean Observers
23 Feb 2017St. Croix Green Sea Turtles
29 Jan 2017Andalusia, Spain. Small loggerheads from a nest at Pulpí (Almería)
08 Jan 2017Masirah Island Female Loggerhead Turtle Tracking 2016
28 Dec 2016Jersey (Channel Islands) Loggerhead Release
14 Dec 2016Cyprus loggerheads
14 Dec 2016Northern Cyprus 2011
13 Dec 2016Dirk Hartog Island Loggerheads
13 Dec 2016Western Australian Loggerheads - Dirk Hartog 2015-2016
24 Nov 2016Habitat, movements, and conservation ecology of Great White Herons in the Florida Keys
19 Nov 2016Identification of Important Turtle Areas for green turtles in the Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion
02 Nov 2016Colombia Bahia Malaga
27 Oct 2016New England Aquarium Cape Cod Release 2015
21 Oct 2016Maldivian Sea Turtle Conservation Program- LG
19 Oct 2016Dekamer- Pamukkale Universitesi, Deniz Kaplumbagalarý Arastýrma Merkezi (Pamukkale UniversitySea Turtle Research Center- Dekamer)
12 Oct 2016Foraging Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2016
26 Sep 2016Flatback Foraging Western Australia
24 Sep 2016Broome Rehabilitated Turtles - Australia
14 Sep 2016Western Australian Loggerheads - South Muiron Is 2015-2016
14 Sep 2016Muiron Island loggerheads
10 Sep 2016Peru Leatherback Tracking Project
09 Sep 2016Banco Chinchorro Hawksbills
01 Sep 2016New England Aquarium Cape Cod Release 2016
21 Aug 2016Nesting loggerheads in Spain
21 Aug 2016Nesting Flatback Sea Turtle
18 Aug 2016Loggerheads in the Tyrrhenian Sea
12 Aug 2016Satellite Tracking of Sea Turtles in Sergipe/Alagoas Basin
08 Aug 2016Mauritius sperm whale satellite tracking MAUBYDICK 2
04 Aug 2016Veracruz, Mexico Kemp's Ridley Tracking-2015
31 Jul 2016Foraging Greens and Hawksbill Bare Sand Island
06 Jul 2016Help halt hawksbill harvest
04 Jul 2016Qatar Whale Shark Research Project
16 Jun 2016North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores Sea Turtle Awareness
26 May 2016Flatback Whereabouts Project
21 May 2016Gabon 2015-2016: Hawksbills
18 May 2016Sea turtles of Valle del Cauca - Bahía Málaga
07 May 2016Tracking Hudsonian Godwits in the Americas
29 Apr 2016Gabon Olive Ridley Tracking Project: Pongara National Park 2015
17 Apr 2016SEATAG - Guadeloupe & Saint-Martin, FWI
15 Apr 2016Arafura and Timor Sea turtle tracking
15 Apr 2016Crocodile Islands sea turtle monitoring
13 Apr 2016TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Tracking
25 Mar 2016Ano Nuevo Island Sea Lions 2015
25 Mar 2016Ano Nuevo 2015 Juvenile California sea lions
13 Mar 2016Brazil Trawl-Caught Turtles
12 Mar 2016Reproductive Biology of Marine Turtles under Extreme Climatic Conditions
11 Mar 2016Northern elephant seals post-molting 2015
06 Mar 2016Green Turtle Tracking in San Diego Bay, California USA
16 Feb 2016Loggerhead turtle movements in the Southern California Bight
01 Feb 2016Dugong tracking in eastern Queensland
01 Feb 2016Green turtles in Torres Strait
29 Jan 2016Movements and foraging of Snail Kites relative to habitat, prey, and contaminant conditions
22 Jan 2016Renaissance Whale and Dolphin Project 2015 Arabian Sea Humpback Whale Satellite Tagging
05 Jan 2016Northern elephant seals post-molting 2015 MALES
05 Jan 2016Hawksbill turtle tracking at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Western Caribbean - MarAlliance
12 Dec 2015Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2014
08 Dec 2015Pink-footed Shearwater dispersal from Isla Mocha: 2015
06 Dec 2015Northern elephant seals post-molting 2014
06 Dec 2015Northern elephant seals post-breeding 2015
05 Dec 2015Northern Elephant Seals Post-Molting 2013
27 Nov 2015Tras la Ruta de Las Tortugas Golfinas ....2015 !!!!
23 Nov 2015North Cyprus 2015 - Green Turtles
11 Nov 2015Salish Sea Marine Survival Project - BC Seal Predation
09 Nov 2015AGLSDM: Surf Scoters, St. Lawrence Estuary, Quebec 2013
06 Nov 2015Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2012
06 Nov 2015Post Rehabilitation Success Of Marine Turtles
04 Nov 2015Northern Cyprus 2012
29 Oct 2015Gulf of Maine Razorbill Tracking
29 Oct 2015Roebuck Bay green turtles
28 Oct 2015Migratory routes and husbandry areas identificacion for marine turtles in Yucatan Peninsula
15 Oct 2015Hawksbill turtles in Torres Strait
13 Oct 2015Study of Loggerheads in Florida Bay
11 Oct 2015Dugong tracking in Shark Bay
03 Oct 2015Aquarium La Rochelle : Satellite tracking of a juvenile Kemp's ridley turtle from the french atlantic coast
01 Oct 2015Ano Nuevo 2017 Juvenile California sea lions
29 Sep 2015Migration and Residence Times of Shortfin Makos in Southern Australia
15 Sep 2015Juveniles de la (of) Guajira
08 Sep 2015TARTACare Calabria: monitoring and conservation of the loggerhead turtle nesting activity along the Ionian coast of Calabria (Southern Italy)
08 Sep 2015TARTACare & LIFE Caretta Calabria
04 Sep 2015Virginia Aquarium Sea Turtle Research
26 Aug 2015Gardangarl (Field Island) Kakadu NP flatback turtle monitoring
23 Aug 2015Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Sea Turtle Tracking
12 Aug 2015Nesting loggerheads in SW Italy
29 Jul 2015Maldivian Sea Turtle Conservation Program KH
29 Jul 2015New England Aquarium Sea Turtle Release 2013
23 Jul 2015Georgia Sea Turtle Center - Monitoring of Rehabilitated Patients
18 Jul 2015Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2011
01 Jul 2015NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center - Satellite Tracking - AMAPPS
29 Jun 2015Chazzahowtizka NWR sea turtles
23 Jun 2015Mauritius Sperm Whale satellite tracking: MAUBYDICK
21 Jun 2015Western Australia flatback hatchlings
17 Jun 2015AGLSDM: Surf Scoters, St. Lawrence Estuary, Quebec 2012
07 Jun 2015Sea turtles in Moreton Bay
25 May 2015Washington Marine Mammal Tracking
22 May 2015Georgia Aquarium/DomSeTCO Leatherback's of Dominica
20 May 2015Rancho Nuevo, Mexico Kemp's Ridley Tracking-2014
06 May 2015Scotland 2014-15: Basking shark SPLASH-F tags
21 Apr 2015Northern elephant seals post-breeding 2015 MALES
17 Apr 2015Chagos Manta Tagging Project
09 Apr 2015JCU, Cairns turtle rehab & Reef HQ - rehabilitated turtles
05 Apr 2015Hawai'i Tiger Sharks
19 Mar 2015Punta San Juan South American Sea Lions
04 Mar 2015Movements and distribution of loggerheads from Mesolongi Lagoon, Greece 2013
28 Feb 2015Apudthama Ranger flatback tracking project
28 Feb 2015Gabon 2014: Olive Ridley Sea Turtles
24 Feb 2015Punta Allen, Mexico
13 Feb 2015Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Tracking
04 Feb 2015Andaman and Nicobar Islands Leatherback Project
01 Feb 2015Movimiento migratorio de la tortuga carey. Islas del PNSAV. Veracruz, Ver., México.
30 Jan 2015Cocos Island Monitoring And Research (C-MAR) project
27 Jan 2015SZN - Movements of rehabilitated sea turtles
19 Jan 2015Sea Turtles of Nicaragua's Pacific Coast
17 Jan 2015IMMS Ridley 7
16 Jan 2015Movement patterns of nesting green turtles in Tanzania
01 Jan 2015Veracruz, Mexico Kemp's Ridley Tracking-2014
29 Dec 2014Whale Shark Migration through the Galapagos Islands
22 Dec 2014Barrow Island Flatback Turtle Tracking 2013-2014
19 Dec 2014CVA - Greenhill Island sea turtle monitoring program
19 Dec 2014West Pilbara Turtle Program
13 Dec 2014MesoAmerican Reef shark habitat and environmental preferences
30 Nov 2014La tortuga verde en las islas Canarias / Green turtles in the Canary Islands
22 Nov 2014Manx Basking Shark Watch SPOT Tagging 2013-2014
07 Nov 2014Veracruz, Mexico Kemp's Ridley Tracking 2012 and 2013
31 Oct 2014AGLSD: White-winged Scoters, St. Lawrence Estuary, Quebec 2012
13 Oct 2014Weanling Northern Elephant Seals
13 Oct 2014Equatorial Guinea 2014: Foraging Green Sea Turtles
11 Oct 2014Flatback turtles from Warul Kawa - Torres Strait
11 Oct 2014Carolina Raptor Center Bald Eagle Release
11 Oct 2014Bulgaria- U.S. Red-breasted Goose Project
04 Oct 2014New England Aquarium Loggerhead Release Maryland 2014
04 Oct 2014NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center - Satellite Tracking - Gulf of Mexico
02 Oct 2014Salish sea harbor seal foraging study 2014
01 Oct 2014Scotland 2013-14: Basking shark SPOT tags
26 Sep 2014CVA - 2012 Eco Beach Flatback Monitoring Program
26 Sep 2014Kuwait 2013: Green Turtles
15 Sep 2014Flatback turtle foraging ground identification
09 Sep 2014Eastern Pacific Black marine turtle
30 Aug 2014Barrow Island Green Turtle Satellite Tracking Program 2013-2014
30 Aug 2014NC Aquariums Cold Stunned Sea Turtle Monitoring
14 Aug 2014Northern Territory Government Department of Land Resource Management & INPEX: Rescued Hawksbill 'Linh'
12 Aug 2014Aldabra Green Turtles
10 Aug 2014CVA - 2013 Eco Beach Flatback Monitoring Program
09 Aug 2014Ascension Frigatebird 2014
02 Aug 2014Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2013
01 Aug 2014WWF-Australia’s Flatback Whereabouts Project
30 Jul 2014Post-nesting migrations of hawksbill turtles from D'Arros island, Seychelles
27 Jul 2014Contributions of satellite telemetry to the conservation of Short-tailed Hawks
08 Jul 2014IMMS Ridley 6
01 Jul 2014Cocos Island Monitoring And Research (C-MAR) project
20 Jun 2014Marine Turtle Conservation Project 2012-2013
19 Jun 2014Northern Gulf of Mexico sea turtles
18 Jun 2014Ascension Green Turtles 2014
10 Jun 2014Northeast Florida Green Turtle Tracking Project
07 Jun 2014Cape Lambert Flatback Turtle Monitoring Program
07 Jun 2014Skagit Valley / Wrangel Island Snow Goose
07 Jun 2014Cape Lambert Flatback Turtle Monitoring Program 2012-13
06 Jun 2014Flatback tracking from Warul Kawa - Torres Strait 2014
04 Jun 2014Cape San Blas Loggerheads
01 Jun 2014Uruguay Oceanic Loggerheads
31 May 2014Northern elephant seals post-breeding 2014
02 May 2014Gabon 2013: Olive Ridley Turtles
29 Apr 2014 NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center - Satellite Tracking - AMAPPS
27 Apr 2014MEGARA NorthWest Indies 2014
23 Apr 2014AGLSM: White-winged Scoters, St. Lawrence Estuary, Quebec 2010
07 Apr 2014RAC/SPA-SZN Tracking of Mediterranean Marine Turtles
21 Mar 2014Washington Lesser Canada Goose
03 Mar 2014Tras la Ruta de Las Tortugas Golfinas.....2013-2014 !!!!
24 Feb 2014FWC-Mote Florida Loggerheads
24 Feb 2014Casey Key Loggerheads 2010
20 Feb 2014North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher Yearling Loggerheads 2013
18 Feb 2014Chesapeake Bay Osprey Tracking
17 Feb 2014Hawksbills in NSW, Australia
10 Feb 2014Whale Shark Tracking in the Equatorial Mid-Atlantic
05 Feb 2014Tracking green turtles in Edgecumbe Bay
25 Jan 2014Track Me at the ESC II
23 Dec 2013Leatherbacks from the Southatlantic
16 Dec 2013Spatial and temporal characteristics of whale shark and manta aggregations in the Western Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico
03 Dec 2013Gabon 2012: Pongara, Olive Ridley Turtles
02 Dec 2013AGLSM Long-tailed Duck Tracking, Lake Ontario, Canada 2011-12
28 Nov 2013Satellite Tracking of Green Turtles in Terengganu, Malaysia
17 Nov 2013Dugong tracking in New Caledonia
07 Nov 2013Satellite tracking of highly migratory sharks in the northern Gulf of Mexico
06 Nov 2013AGLSM: Black Scoters, Baie des Chaleurs, New Brunswick 2010
03 Nov 2013Pink-footed Shearwater dispersal from Isla Mocha: 2013
01 Nov 2013North Carolina Long-Term Sea Turtle Monitoring Project
29 Oct 2013AGLSDM: Surf Scoters, St. Lawrence Estuary, Quebec 2012
26 Oct 2013Humpback Whale Tracking _Mayotte 2013
22 Oct 2013UCF - TAMAR - NOAA juvenile tracking
21 Oct 2013Migration and breeding ecology of Montagu's harriers (Spain)
01 Oct 2013Aquarium La Rochelle : Satellite traking of a juvenile loggerhead turtle from the french atlantic coast
28 Sep 2013North Carolina Rehabilitated Sea Turtle Monitoring Project
27 Sep 2013Casey Key Loggerheads 2012-2013
14 Sep 2013Sea Turtles of the California Current - Baja California Sur
12 Sep 2013Satellite Tracking of Hawksbill Turtles in Melaka, Malaysia
29 Aug 2013Rehabilitated loggerhead from southern Italy
20 Aug 2013Port Stephens Marine Park turtle monitoring and research
18 Aug 2013Punta Coyote Turtles
10 Aug 2013TAMUG/NPS/NRDA Kemp's ridley nesters 2012
28 Jul 2013Vancouver Aquarium - Rehabilitated Harbour Seal Pups
21 Jul 2013CVA - 2011 Eighty Mile Beach Flatback Monitoring Program
17 Jul 20132012 Massachusetts Leatherback Research
13 Jul 2013CVA - 2011 Eco Beach Flatback Monitoring Program
12 Jul 2013Gulf Turtle Tracking Project 2011
11 Jul 2013Sea Turtles of Dominica
09 Jul 2013Gabon 2012: Pongara, Leatherback Turtles
09 Jul 2013Rocky Mountain Adult Golden Eagle Project
06 Jul 2013Eastern Montana Golden
01 Jul 2013Scotland 2012: Basking Shark SPOT Tags
30 Jun 2013WWF Italy - Manfredonia
27 Jun 2013Canada-Trinidad Leatherback Tracking 2013
23 Jun 2013TAMUG/NRDA Kemp's ridley 2013
19 Jun 2013Northern Elephant Seals Post-Breeding 2013
14 Jun 2013Ningaloo green turtles
05 Jun 2013Supporting Sea Turtle Survival
03 Jun 2013AGLSD: Surf Scoters, Chesapeake Bay, MD 2011
28 May 2013IMMS Ridley 5
18 May 2013Gulf Turtle Tracking Project 2010
12 May 2013Charlotte Harbor - Kemp's ridleys
08 May 2013Barrow Island Flatback Turtle Tracking 2011-2012
15 Apr 2013Golden Eagles of Virginia, USA
01 Apr 20132012 Inter-Nesting and Post-Nesting Movements of Loggerhead Turtles from Masirah, Oman
30 Mar 2013Tras la Ruta de Las Tortugas Golfinas.....2011-2012 !!!!
13 Mar 20132009-2010 - Woodside - Lacepede Islands Turtle Tracking Program
04 Mar 2013Padre Island Juvenile Kemp's Ridley
11 Feb 2013CVA - 2010 Eco Beach Flatback Monitoring Program
05 Feb 2013Post nesting migrations of green turtles nesting in Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania
01 Feb 2013Cemetery Beach Port Hedland Flatback Tracking Project 2011-2012
24 Jan 2013Aquarium La Rochelle : Satellite tracking of one juvenile loggerhead and two juvenile Kemp's Ridley sea turtles in the Atlantic North-East
15 Jan 2013Greater Shearwaters in the Gulf of Maine
30 Dec 2012Loggerheads Sea Turtles of Argentina
28 Dec 2012El Nuro Green Turtle Satellite Tracking Project
20 Dec 2012Guanahacabibes, Cuba - Green Turtles
19 Dec 2012North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher Yearling Loggerheads 2012
18 Dec 2012Sea Turtle Tracking in Oman
09 Dec 2012Indian Ocean Humpback Tracking Project 2012
09 Dec 2012IMMS Ridley 3
05 Dec 2012Weddell Seals in the Ross Sea 2012
29 Nov 2012Defne-Dekamer- Samandag Kaymakamlýgý, Deniz Kaplumbagalarý Arastýrma Merkezi
17 Nov 2012Spain Loggerhead Turtles 2012
13 Nov 2012Sunshine Coast Council Turtle Tracking
12 Nov 2012Bonaire Turtle Tracking 2012
12 Nov 2012Satellite Tracking of three species of sea turtles on Bonaire
22 Oct 2012Gulf of Maine humpback whale satellite tagging project: 2012
21 Oct 2012Foraging of NZ fur seals in the north of the South Island of NZ
19 Oct 2012Migratory Movements of Short-eared Owls (Asio flammeus)
12 Oct 2012Cayman Turtle Farm Green Sea Turtle Releases
06 Oct 2012Core areas for albatross conservation in the Patagonian Shelf
27 Sep 2012AGLSM: Long-tailed Ducks, Chesapeake Bay, MD 2010-11
24 Sep 2012Brazil Turtle Tags 2010-2011
30 Aug 2012CVA - 2011 Peak Island Flatback tracking
27 Aug 2012Kuwait 2010: Hawksbill & Green Turtle Tracking
22 Aug 2012Isla de Aves
20 Aug 2012IMMS Ridley 2
23 Jul 2012Rancho Nuevo, Mexico Kemp's Ridley Tracking 2010-2011
10 Jul 2012Barrow Island Flatback Tracking 2010-2011
06 Jul 2012Northern Cyprus 2010
03 Jul 2012Herring gull movements and migratons from the Bay of Fundy
02 Jul 2012Israel Sea Turtle Tracking Project 2008: Loggerhead & Green Turtles
01 Jul 2012Sea Turtle Satellite Tracking in Colombian Pacific
25 Jun 2012Xstrata, GHD and DERM central Queensland flatback turtle monitoring
31 May 2012Northern Elephant Seals Post-Breeding 2012
30 May 2012Eagles of Idaho
27 May 2012Wood Stork Tracking
07 May 2012'Atlas' Loggerhead Sea Turtle Release
06 May 2012IMMS Ridley 4
06 May 2012Movement and migration routes of green turtles nesting on Egypt's Red Sea Coast
05 May 2012Annual movements of Northern Harriers migrating through the Florida Keys
03 May 2012Casey Key Loggerheads 2011
30 Apr 2012Uruguay Loggerheads: Trawl Bycatch 2011
30 Mar 2012Identification of secondary foraging grounds for green turtles as they depart Mantanani, Malaysia
28 Mar 2012TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Nesters - 2011
28 Mar 2012Gabon 2010-11: Corisco Bay, Green Turtles
24 Mar 2012AGLSM: Long-tailed Ducks, Cape Cod, MA 2010
22 Mar 2012Dominican Republic 2008: Hawksbill Turtles
22 Mar 2012Canary Islands - OAG
20 Mar 2012Peregrine Falcons released at New River Gorge National Park, WV
20 Mar 2012Virginia Falcons: FalconTrack
16 Mar 2012CARET2
11 Mar 2012Western Grebe Satellite Transmitter Study
04 Mar 2012Ivory Gulls from North Greenland
13 Feb 20122011 Inter-Nesting and Post-Nesting Movements of Loggerhead Turtles From Masirah Island, Oman
31 Jan 2012Grand Teton Eagles and Lead
31 Jan 2012Teton Osprey
14 Jan 2012PM2011-NESE-A
11 Jan 2012Tracking turtles in Cardwell
05 Jan 2012Pink-footed Shearwater Post-breeding Migration - 2011
03 Jan 20122011 Female Northern Elephant Seals
29 Dec 2011New England Aquarium Sea Turtle Tracking
14 Dec 2011Understanding the effects of climate change on Caribbean hawksbill turtles: Cuba
05 Dec 2011Padre Island National Seashore Green Sea Turtle Tracking Program
27 Nov 2011San Juan Islands harbor seal pups
19 Nov 20112011 Emperor Penguin
16 Nov 2011Spain Turtle Tags 2008-2011
10 Nov 2011Northern Gannet Migration
09 Nov 2011Comoros Humpback Tracking
31 Oct 2011Gulf of Maine humpback whale satellite tagging project: 2011
29 Oct 2011Movements and Habitat Associations of Neonate Sea Turtles
22 Oct 2011Louisiana Sea Turtle Rescue Program
17 Oct 2011Bonaire Turtle Tracking 2010
15 Oct 2011First satellite tracking of sea turtles in Albania
06 Oct 2011Operação Regresso Adiado
24 Sep 2011Cemetery Beach Port Hedland Flatback Tracking Project, 2010 - 2011
17 Sep 2011Barrow Island flatback tracking 2009-2010
02 Sep 2011Whale Shark Tracking with SPOT Tags off the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
11 Aug 2011AGLSM: Long-tailed Ducks, Nantucket, MA 2007-10
01 Aug 2011PM2011-NESE-B
27 Jul 2011IMMS Ridley 1
26 Jul 2011SEATAG Suivi de l'Ecologie en Alimentation des Tortues de l'Archipel Guadeloupéen
24 Jul 2011Aquarium La Rochelle : Satellite tracking of a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle in the Atlantic North East
19 Jul 2011UCSC Elephant Seals
12 Jul 2011WWF Italy
21 Jun 2011Oceanic Loggerhead Project
20 Jun 2011Northern Cyprus 2009
19 Jun 2011Equatorial Guinea 2011: Green Turtles
18 Jun 2011Rastreo de las tortugas prietas de Isla San Pedro Mártir por telemetría satelital
14 Jun 2011Kaouk - The Trailer Park Steller Sea Lion
17 May 2011TAMUG Green Turtle Tracking
26 Apr 2011Satellite tracking project, Pulau Banyak, Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
13 Apr 2011Adventures of Torres from Reef HQ
04 Apr 2011Dugong tracking in Torres Strait
01 Apr 2011Crab Island Flatback Sea Turtle Research Project
31 Mar 2011Strait of Georgia Harbour Seals
07 Mar 2011CRAM-Tortuga verde en el Mediterráneo
26 Feb 2011Cemetery Beach Port Hedland Flatback Tracking Project 2009/2010
28 Jan 2011Northern Gannet 2010
20 Jan 2011CVA - 2009 Eco Beach Flatback Monitoring Program
16 Jan 2011Hawksbill Turtles northern Australia
12 Jan 2011Turtle Hospital, Marathon Florida
03 Jan 2011Chennai India, olive ridley tracking
22 Dec 2010Milman Island Hawksbill Turtle Nesting Study, Northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia
19 Dec 2010Angola LNG olive ridley tracking project
17 Dec 2010Hawksbill Turtles Gulf of Carpentaria Australia
13 Dec 2010WWF/KWS Integrated Sea Turtle Conservation Project - Kenya
30 Nov 2010Mahe Seychelles Hawksbill Project
30 Nov 2010AGLSM: Black Scoters, Baie des Chaleurs, New Brunswick 2009
27 Nov 2010Migration and foraging ecology of Greater Shearwater
05 Nov 20102010 Inter-nesting and Post-Nesting Movements of Loggerhead Turtles from Masirah Island, Oman
05 Nov 2010Georgia Sea Turtle Center and Georgia Aquarium Monitoring of Released Turtles
27 Oct 2010Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation / Release Project
21 Oct 2010Lesser Black-backed Gulls at St Karlsö, Sweden
19 Oct 2010Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2010
15 Oct 20102009-2010 Woodside Scott Reef Turtle Tracking Program
07 Oct 2010Understanding the effects of climate change on Caribbean hawksbill turtles: satellite tracking hawksbill migrations
04 Oct 2010Whale Shark Tracking off Florida's Gulf of Mexico Coast
01 Sep 2010Loggerheads in the Adriatic Sea
28 Aug 2010UNH Large Pelagics Research Center - 2009 Cape Cod Leatherbacks
23 Aug 2010Casey Key Loggerheads 2009
03 Aug 2010Grassholm 2010: Sub-Adult Gannets
21 Jul 2010Europa Island Green Turtles
21 Jul 2010Mayotte Island Green Turtles 2005
10 Jul 2010Barrow Island flatback tracking 2007-2008
10 Jul 2010Barrow Island Flatback tracking 2006-2007
10 Jul 2010Barrow Island green turtles 2006-2007
10 Jul 2010Barrow Island flatback tracking 2008-2009
30 Jun 2010Gabon 2009-10: Pongara, Leatherback Turtles
23 Jun 2010Northern Cyprus 2006-08: Loggerhead Turtles
17 Jun 2010Satellite tracking of juvenile loggerhead in the Atlantic North East
10 Jun 2010Satellite Tracking of Sharks off Florida's Gulf Coast
22 May 2010Flatback Turtles, Cape Domett Western Australia
09 May 2010Bald Head Island 2008: Loggerhead Turtles
07 May 2010Loggerhead tracking from Sicily (Italy)
05 May 2010Satellite Tracking of Olive Ridley Turtles at Jamursba-medi, West Papua - Indonesia
05 May 2010Tracking on Magnifying Olive ridley Journey in Kaironi beach, Papua-Indonesia
03 May 2010Crossing the tide
20 Apr 2010Bali turtles
15 Apr 2010Gabon Olive Ridley Project
11 Apr 2010Satellite tracking of black turtles at a feeding ground in Oaxaca
07 Apr 2010Vancouver Aquarium - Marine Mammal Rescue Centre
25 Mar 2010Bonaire Turtle Tracking 2009
22 Mar 2010Greater Shearwaters in the Atlantic: 2009
08 Mar 2010Pink-footed Shearwater Wintering Habitat - 2009
23 Feb 2010LMMSTRP-Kemp's Ridley 1
10 Feb 2010Biogeography of Marbled Godwit in North America
08 Feb 2010Sooty Shearwaters in the California Current: 2009
01 Feb 2010Bald Head Island 2007: Loggerhead Turtles
23 Jan 2010Ghana Olive Ridley Project
22 Jan 2010Crowned Eagle
01 Jan 2010Gabon 2008-09: Mayumba & Pongara, Leatherback Turtles
31 Dec 2009Cemetery Beach Port Hedland Flatback Tracking Project 2008/2009
29 Dec 2009Bowen Turtle Collaboration: Girringun, Giru Dala, Gudjuda, GHD, DERM , NQBP, DEWHA
21 Dec 2009Derawan Green Turtles Tracking
13 Dec 2009Satellite tracking of nesting loggerhead tutles at Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia
03 Dec 2009TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Nesters 2007-2008
27 Nov 2009Tracking penguins on Kangaroo Island
22 Nov 2009South Atlantic Turtle Odyssey (SATO) 2009: Green Turtles
14 Nov 2009Puget Sound Harbor Seals
06 Nov 2009TAMUG Loggerhead Tracking
09 Oct 2009Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) 2006: Loggerhead Turtles
21 Sep 2009Tracking the migration pathways of post-breeding Common Murres
17 Sep 2009Islas Canarias (Proyecto Aegina): juvenile loggerheads
15 Sep 2009Maluane/ZSL Turtle Conservation Project in Mozambique: Green Turtles
28 Aug 2009National Marine Life Center: Sea Turtle Releases
28 Aug 2009Casey Key Loggerheads 2008
28 Aug 2009The Australian Geographic Turtle Race
25 Aug 2009Tracking on Green sea turtle in South Misol, Raja Ampat-Papua, Indonesia
06 Jul 2009Oman 2008: Olive Ridley Turtles of Masirah
28 May 2009TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Tracking 2007
28 May 2009Zakynthos 2007: Loggerhead Turtles
18 May 2009Brazil Turtle Tags 2009
12 May 2009Green Turtles, Northern Territory Australia
03 May 2009Juvenile Green Sea Turtles from Argentina
30 Mar 2009Vietnam Sea Turtle Tracking Project
16 Mar 2009Green Sea Turtles Tracking in Sukamade, Meru Betiri National Park-East Java
02 Mar 2009Green turtle tracking in the northern Great Barrier Reef
27 Feb 2009Shearwaters in the Atlantic: 2008
08 Feb 2009West Africa - Ghana - Migrations of Olive ridley and Leatherback turtles - A project on the Danish Galathea 3 Expedition 2006-2007
25 Jan 2009Oman 2008: Green Turtles of Masirah
12 Jan 2009Study of young rehabilitated harbour seal in the north of France
26 Dec 2008New England Aquarium Harbor Porpoise Tracking
23 Dec 2008Turtle Track Sri Lanka 2006-07: Green Turtles
21 Dec 2008Sooty Shearwaters in the California Current: 2008
19 Dec 2008South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program
15 Dec 2008Mundabullangana Station flatbacks 2006-2007
17 Nov 2008Suivi en atlantique de Caretta caretta juvénile
13 Nov 2008Bonaire Turtle Tracking 2008
30 Oct 2008Migrating Common Loons
18 Oct 2008Exploring Albatross Movements - 2008
14 Oct 2008Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2008
09 Oct 2008Gabon 2007-08: Mayumba, Leatherback Turtles
26 Sep 2008Spatial movements and foraging habitat of leatherback sea turtles from the St. Croix, USVI nesting population
31 Jul 2008Albatross Dispersal from Kure Atoll - 2008
19 Jul 2008AdriaWatch project
12 Jul 2008Migratory patterns of Yucatan Peninsula hawksbills
10 Jul 2008AGLSD: Surf Scoters, Iglosjatik, Labrador, 2006
16 Jun 2008Turkey 2007: Loggerhead Turtle
12 Jun 2008Satellite Tracking of Hawksbill Turtle in West Sumbawa, Indonesia
30 May 2008Casey Key Loggerheads 2007
16 May 2008Seasonal Distributional Patterns of Juvenile Loggerheads from the Southeast
30 Apr 2008DCNA - Bonaire 2007 Tracking Project
30 Apr 2008Post-Nesting Migrations of Green Turtles from Ras al Hadd Turtle Reserve, Sultanate of Oman
16 Apr 2008Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2007
03 Apr 2008Cabo Verde (Proyecto Aegina): males and female
01 Apr 2008Cape Cod Sea Turtle Release 2007
25 Mar 2008Distributional Patterns of Reproductively Mature Adult Male Loggerheads from Cape Canaveral, FL
15 Mar 2008Oman 2006: Loggerhead Turtles of Masirah
22 Jan 2008Netherlands Antilles Turtle Tracking 2007
10 Jan 2008Gabon 2007: Mayumba, Olive Ridley Turtles
01 Jan 2008Juvenile green turtle tracking in Uruguay
30 Dec 2007Post-Nesting Migrations of Hawksbill Turtles from the Daymaniyat Islands, Oman
17 Dec 2007Marine Turtles in Guadeloupe 2006-07: Green Turtles
14 Dec 2007Male green turtle migration from the Azores
02 Dec 2007Ruamaahuanui Oi - Sep 2007 (Grey-faced petrel)
28 Nov 2007Sooty Shearwaters in the California Current: 2007
21 Nov 2007Sangalaki Green Turtles Tracking
27 Oct 2007Bald Head Island 2006: Loggerhead Turtles
24 Oct 2007Ruamaahuanui Oi - Jul 2007 (Grey-faced petrel)
14 Oct 2007Peru Cabezonas
07 Oct 2007Sooty Shearwater Atlantic migration
23 Sep 2007Juvenile loggerheads from Lampedusa Island, Italy
13 Sep 2007Golden Eagles' juvenile dispersal (Spain)
12 Sep 2007Exploring Albatross Movements - 2007
10 Sep 2007Piai Island Green Sea Turtle Tracking
29 Aug 2007Hawksbill Turtles - Groote Eylandt - Australia
21 Aug 2007ARCHELON's turtles from Greece
28 Jul 2007VIMS Sea Turtle Research Program
09 Jun 2007Topsail Turtle Hospital 2007: Rehabilitated Loggerhead Turtle
06 Jun 2007Netherlands Antilles Turtle Tracking 2006
03 Jun 2007Cape Cod Sea Turtle Release 2006
21 May 2007Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2006
19 May 2007TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Tracking 2004-2006
16 May 2007Tracking headstarted green turtles from the Maldives
21 Apr 2007Green turtles in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia
16 Apr 2007Gabon 2005-07: Mayumba, Leatherback Turtles
12 Apr 20072006 Post-Nesting Migrations of Loggerhead Turtles From Masirah Island, Oman
08 Apr 2007Casey Key Loggerheads 2005-2006
31 Mar 2007Palau Marine Turtle Conservation and Monitoring Program
13 Feb 2007Barrow Island flatback turtle tracking project 2005-2006
09 Feb 2007Cayman Islands 2006: Green Turtle
09 Feb 2007Bonaire Turtle Tracking 2006
04 Feb 2007Georgia Loggerhead Tracking Project 2005
16 Jan 2007Bald Head Island 2005: Loggerhead Turtles
02 Jan 2007Pacific Sea Turtle Tracking - Aquarium of the Pacific
26 Dec 2006Tracking Greater Shearwaters
04 Dec 2006Hongiora Oi 2006 (Grey-faced Petrel)
29 Nov 2006Satellite tracking of green turtles of Derawan, Indonesia
20 Nov 2006New England Aquarium Sea Turtle Release
11 Nov 2006Trans-Pacific Migration of the Sooty Shearwater: 2006
07 Nov 2006Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Nesting Green Turtles
26 Oct 2006Duke Marine Lab Sea Turtle Satellite Telemetry Project in NC
12 Oct 2006Green Turtles in Syria
08 Oct 2006Sooty Shearwaters in the California Current: 2006
07 Oct 2006Ruamaahuanui Oi 2006 (Grey-faced petrel)
05 Oct 2006Cayman Islands 2004: Loggerhead & Green Turtles
30 Sep 2006Grupo Tortuguero: Pacific Sea Turtle Tracking
23 Sep 2006Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) 2005: Loggerhead Turtles
09 Sep 2006NC Aquariums Turtle Trails
30 Aug 2006Transatlantic migration and foraging behaviour of Azorean loggerheads
24 Aug 2006Cayman Islands 2005: Green Turtles
12 Aug 2006Zakynthos - postnesting loggerheads
30 Jul 2006Pink-footed Shearwater post-breeding migration - 2006
07 Jul 2006Mundabullangana Station flatbacks 2005-2006
21 Jun 2006Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) 2004: Loggerhead Turtles
14 Jun 2006USAKA Turtle Release Program
27 May 2006Kaiwalagal marine turtle project
11 May 2006Bonaire Sea Turtle Tracking 2004
26 Apr 2006Cayman Islands 2003: Loggerhead & Green Turtles
21 Apr 2006Georgia Loggerhead Tracking Project 2004
15 Apr 2006Bonelli's Eagles' juvenile dispersal (Spain)
31 Mar 2006SCDNR Nesting Female Satellite Telemetry Project
29 Mar 2006Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley Tracking Program-2005
12 Mar 2006Raja Ampat Sea-Turtle Tracking Project
11 Feb 2006SHIRAZ : Whale Shark Monitoring Programme Djibouti
03 Feb 2006Post-nesting migration of loggerhead turtles around Japan 2005
07 Jan 2006Bonaire Turtle Tracking 2005
04 Jan 2006Northern Cyprus 2005: Loggerhead Turtles
30 Dec 2005Bald Head Island 2004: Loggerhead Turtles
27 Dec 2005Malliouhana: Anguilla's First Satellite Tagged Leatherback Turtle
18 Dec 2005Netherlands Antilles Turtle Tracking 2005
08 Dec 2005Flatback Turtles - 2005 - Gulf of Carpentaria
20 Nov 2005Green Turtles of Peninsular Malaysia
18 Nov 2005AGLSM: Surf Scoters, Chesapeake Bay, MD 2001-05
08 Nov 2005Sooty Shearwaters in the California Current System
08 Oct 2005Russian Barnacle Geese
30 Sep 2005Olive Ridley Turtles - Tiwi Islands, Australia 2005
13 Sep 2005Exploring Albatross Movements - 2005
12 Sep 2005New England Aquarium loggerhead turtle release
24 Jul 2005Northern Cyprus 2004: Loggerhead & Green Turtles
06 Jul 2005NC Aquariums Turtle Trails/Topsail Sea Turtle Hospital
26 Jun 2005Rehabilitated sea turtles from Topsail Island, North Carolina
26 Jun 2005Newport Aquarium 2004: Loggerhead Turtle
15 Jun 2005Juvenile Green Turtles in NW Florida II
15 Jun 2005Seabird Predation on Fishes in the Columbia River Plume
04 Jun 2005Mona Island Hawksbill Tracking 2004
26 Apr 2005AGLSM: Black Scoter, Baie des Chaleurs, New Brunswick 2002-04
18 Apr 2005Bald Head Island 2003: Loggerhead Turtles
27 Feb 2005Telemetry of loggeread turtles in Amvrakikos Bay
03 Feb 2005Montserrat 2004: Green Turtle
29 Jan 2005Post nesting movements of olive ridley turtles in Australia, 2004
09 Dec 2004Trans-Pacific Migration of the Sooty Shearwater: 2004
12 Nov 2004Flatback Turtles - Gulf of Carpentaria - Australia
06 Oct 2004Exploring Albatross Movements - 2004 duty cycled
04 Oct 2004Exploring Albatross Movements - 2004 continuous
14 Aug 2004Juvenile Green Turtles in Northwest Florida
02 May 2004Scott Reef greens 2002-2004
07 Jan 2004Colola, Michoacan 2003: Black Turtle
23 Dec 2003Bepi Project - Adriatic Sea
28 May 2003British Virgin Islands 2003: Leatherback Turtle

SEATURTLE.ORG collaborates with Argos to help scientists and conservationists manage and analyse their valuable animal tracking data.

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