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Sponsor a Satellite Tag

Become a citizen scientist!

SEATURTLE.ORG and its partners are looking for Project Sponsors to help track sea turtles around the world. Your support will help to pay for the transmitter and satellite time required to track a sea turtle. The cost of each transmitter and attachment materials is approximately US$2,000, and the average cost of satellite time per transmitter is an additional US$3000.

To sponsor a transmitter or learn more, please contact


Cost of Sponsorship: US$5000

Benefits to Sponsor:

  • Sponsors will be able to name their turtle. We encourage all sponsors to engage school children in marine conservation by getting a local class or school involved in the naming process;
  • Sponsors will also be acknowledged with their logo on the project web page and a link back to their own website(s). The SEATURTLE.ORG tracking web site receives more than 100,000 hits per month and SEATURTLE.ORG receives more than one-million hits per month;
  • Sponsors will be acknowledged in all project related press releases;
  • Sponsors are free to use turtle tracking maps and photos for their own education and outreach programs and on their website;

Becoming a Project Sponsor will support sea turtle research and conservation efforts, and offers a great opportunity to promote your organization.

Please note that the ocean environment is very hard on electronic equipment. In our experience approximately 50% of all deployed transmitters fail after the first six months. Some do not last even that long and others have lasted much longer. Because we are not able to control or predict when a tag will fail we ask for a measure of understanding in this regard from each sponsor.


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