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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Virginia Aquarium and US NAVY Sea Turtle Research Project

A project of Virginia Aquarium Foundation in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Biggie Smalls (The Notorious B.I.G.) Loggerheadadult2015-08-032015-09-0533
Boston Loggerheadjuvenile2014-09-052014-10-1338
Crush of Ares Loggerheadunknown2014-06-122015-01-24226
Ella Fitzgerald Loggerheadunknown2015-07-012015-07-3029
Findlay Loggerheadunknown2013-10-202014-04-26188
Friar Tuck Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2015-05-162015-06-2338
Gaia Kemp's Ridleyunknown2014-07-092014-08-1537
Granny Smith Apple Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-05-052017-07-0258
Harry Potter Loggerheadjuvenile2015-03-162015-04-1227
Hermes Loggerheadunknown2014-06-132015-09-09453
Hops - VAQS20162039 Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2016-07-222016-07-231
Hot Toddy Loggerheadjuvenile2015-03-162016-01-20310
Jerry Garcia Kemp's Ridleyunknown2015-05-292015-07-1244
Jimi Hendrix Loggerheadunknown2014-06-042014-10-19137
Joffrey Jr. Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2014-09-022014-10-1038
Johnny Cash Loggerheadunknown2015-05-152015-06-2440
Lemongrass - VAQS20162089 Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2016-07-022016-08-0534
Loki Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2014-10-202015-06-06229
Mac N Cheese Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-06-152017-07-2540
Magenta Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-05-192017-09-17121
Mahogany Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-05-192017-07-1961
Mango Tango Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-07-102017-08-1738
Portsmouth Loggerheadunknown2013-10-202014-06-28251
Purple Heart Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-06-082017-07-0830
Racer 5 Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2015-05-162015-07-1459
Ranger Tan Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-05-192017-07-0345
Razzmatazz Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-05-312017-06-2121
Rooney Loggerheadunknown2013-10-202014-04-20182
Sage - VAQS20162016 Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2016-07-262016-08-2732
Salt - VAQS20162029 Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2016-07-222016-08-3140
St. Louis Loggerheadunknown2013-09-282014-09-21358
Staten Island Loggerheadunknown2013-11-222014-07-10230
Steel Teal Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2017-08-102017-08-199
Sven Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2015-06-242015-07-0511
Tolkien LoggerheadJuvenile2015-09-112016-02-15157
Wolverine Loggerheadunknown2014-10-202015-01-1183

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The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Foundation is conducting health assessment and telemetry research using wild-caught and by-caught loggerhead and Kemps ridley sea turtles. The project goals include comparing rehabilitated and wild animals, developing a relatively fine temporal and spatial scale surface time ratio for abundance estimates, and understanding how near shore and offshore populations interact and utilize the habitat. (NMFS Permit No. 16134)

Project Partners

VAQF is working with U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Atlantic to track juvenile loggerhead, Kemp’s ridley and green sea turtles using a combination of satellite and acoustic transmitters. Funding for this work is provided by U.S. Fleet Forces Command. VAQF and NAVFAC Atlantic will analyze the telemetry data in order to understand how sea turtles use the Chesapeake Bay and neritic Virginia waters.


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SEATURTLE.ORG collaborates with Argos to help scientists and conservationists manage and analyse their valuable animal tracking data.

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