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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Loggerheads in the Tyrrhenian Sea

A project of Dept. of Biology - Univ. of Pisa in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Eleonora LoggerheadJuvenile2005-07-192006-05-17302
Emiliano LoggerheadJuvenile2007-05-102007-09-12125
Enza LoggerheadJuvenile2006-05-272006-07-1044
Eva LoggerheadJuvenile2005-07-192006-06-23339
Honolulu LoggerheadAdult2008-04-202008-09-03136
Jude LoggerheadJuvenile2010-06-192010-07-0920
Karma LoggerheadAdult2011-06-042013-01-24600
Marco Dalla LoggerheadSub-adult2016-06-042016-08-1875
Ondina LoggerheadSub-Adult2015-04-112015-04-2615

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Virtually nothing is known of the movements made by the many loggerhead juveniles that spend long periods of the year in the sea in front of the Tuscany coast, Northern Tyrrhenian Sea (central Mediterranean Sea). While it has been supposed that loggerheads frequent this area only during the warmest months and then undertake seasonal migrations towards southern (warmer) waters, the occurrence of such migrations have never been demonstrated. On the other hand, the fact that loggerheads are found in Tuscany waters throughout the year (winter months included) can indicate that the picture is more complex and variable than previously supposed. The aim is to localize the areas frequented by loggerheads in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, to document the occurrence of seasonal migrations and/or to investigate the turtles' fidelity to specific feeding areas.

Project Partners

Centro Recupero Tartarughe Marine, Acquario di Grosseto (Italy)


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