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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Rehabilitated loggerhead from southern Italy

A project of CTS Italy in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Rughetta LoggerheadAdult2013-06-052013-08-2985

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Il 5 giugno 2013, in occasione della Giornata Nazionale dell'Ambiente, presso la spiaggia di Brancaleone (RC) e' stata liberata Rughetta, una tartaruga in difficolta' salvata dai biologi del Centro Recupero Tartarughe Marine CTS di Brancaleone. Grazie ad una collaborazione con l'Universita' di Pisa, un apparecchio satellitare e' stato posizionato sul carapace dell'esemplare, ed e' ora possibile seguire gli spostamenti studiandone quindi il comportamento.

During the National Environmental Day (5 June 2013) a turtle named Rughetta was released at the Brancaleone beach (Reggio Calabria. Rughetta is a turtle that had problems and so she was helped by the biologists of the Centro Recupero Tartarughe Marine, funded by CTS (Centro Turistico Studentesco e Giovanile. Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Pisa, a satellite transmitter has been installed on her shell, and so we can now follow her movements and understand her behaviour.

Project Partners

L'iniziativa e' stata realizzata con la collaborazione di Earth Day Italia, il principale partner italiano dell'Earth Day Network che in Italia lavora per promuovere la formazione di una nuova coscienza ambientale ed organizza concerti nelle piazze piu' importanti di Italia, e del media partner Donna Moderna che ha promosso una raccolta fondi sulle pagine del settimanale.

The event was accomplished with the collaboration of the magazine Donna Moderna, media partner which promoted several charity events on its magazine, and the Earth Day Italia, main Earth Day Network Italian partner; Earth Day Italia works to promote a new environmental awareness through public events (like music concerts) in the most important Italian squares.


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