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Satellite Tracking

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Cayman Turtle Farm Green Sea Turtle Releases

A project of Cayman Turtle Farm in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Jerry Green TurtleJuvenile2012-02-192012-04-1556
Jubilee Green TurtleJuvenile2012-05-302012-10-12135
Sir Thomas Turtleton Green TurtleAdult2012-06-022012-06-2422

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Turtles in this group add to over 31,000 captive-bred Green Sea Turtles released from the Cayman Turtle Farm since 1968. Tagging studies (living tags) have shown that females reared from eggs on the farm and released in the 1980s are now returning to beaches on the Cayman Islands to nest and complete their life cycles.

Project Partners

Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter in West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands is the first commercial sea turtle farm in the world to have achieved the 2nd generation of Green Sea turtles bred, laid, hatched and raised in captivity. Visitors are welcomed to the site which has been developed into a "mini theme park" attraction featuring island wildlife in addition to turtles of all ages, for example indigenous and Caribbean birds in a free-flight aviary, a large "salt-water" crocodile, sharks and other marine predators, iguanas, and a nature trail full of various other flora and fauna.

Cayman Turtle Farm also participates in leading research on the biology and care of sea turtles. In 1984 Cayman Turtle Farm participated in an international project to help conserve Kemp's Ridley sea turtles, and the farm achieved the first successful captive breeding of the species for later release in that species' native territory to help boost the wild population. CTF's stock of Green Sea turtles of a wide range of known ages from hatchlings to over 40 years old, and the CTF experts' experience in the husbandry of these exotic animals, have created unique opportunities for learning more about these magnificent creatures. Some 100 scientific papers have been published or presented based on research in which Cayman Turtle Farm was involved. The release of satellite-tagged 2nd-generation captive-bred turtles will help expand knowledge of the adaptation and behaviour of captive-bred turtles released into the wild.

More information about Cayman Turtle Farm and its programmes is available at


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