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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Dekamer- Pamukkale Universitesi, Deniz Kaplumbagaları Arastırma Merkezi (Pamukkale UniversitySea Turtle Research Center- Dekamer)

A project of Dekamer in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Bodrum Karya LoggerheadAdult2012-08-252012-11-1986
Dalyan LoggerheadAdult2011-10-012012-08-04308
Defne Green TurtleAdult2012-08-052012-11-29116
Fethi LoggerheadAdult2011-10-012012-07-28301
Mersin-Nazlı LoggerheadSub-Adult2011-10-012012-02-02124
Mustafa LoggerheadAdult2012-08-252012-08-283
Osman LoggerheadAdult2012-08-252013-08-28368
Ozlem LoggerheadAdult2015-10-032016-04-06186
Sevgi LoggerheadAdult2015-10-032016-10-19382
Songül LoggerheadAdult2011-10-012013-07-20658
İlker LoggerheadAdult- Sub-Adult (?)2011-10-012011-11-2959
İrfan LoggerheadJuvenile2012-08-252014-01-31524

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The Sea Turtle Rescue Center (DEKAMER) were established in 2009 in Dalyan, Mugla-Turkey after a protocol was agreed upon between the Directorate of the Conservation of Nature and National Natural Parks and the Environmental Protection Agency for Special Areas of Turkish Ministry of Environment of Forestry, the Municipality of the Dalyan, and Pamukkale University. Later that year, the Higher Educational Council of Turkey officially recognized the rescue center and its constitution was published in the Turkish Official Newspaper. Despite there being a number of nesting and foraging grounds along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, only one turtle rescue centre has been established following the RAC/SPA (Regional Activity Center/Special Protected Areas) guidelines (RAC/SPA, 2004). The center is set up for year-round activity to help educate the public about conservation efforts for sea turtles. DEKAMER will act as the regular body, monitoring Dalyan beach for nesting activities, by accepting volunteers from all Universities worldwide. Any injured turtles found along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey are also brought the center, where care of their necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation is given. DEKAMER is open for both national and international collaborations in all types of scientific studies.

The sea turtles from Turkey will be monitored in the Mediterranean Sea. These turtles have either been chosen as post rehabilitation candidates and/or post nesting activity candidates.

The main aim of this study is to protect the natural habitats of the sea turtles, by learning their wintering, migration and foraging grounds. With this work we aim to learn the migration routes of sea turtles in the Mediterranean, and we will also concentrate on conserving their marine habitats, not only their nesting beaches.

The rehabilitation centers are doing a very good job in educating the public about the need and conservation of sea turtles and to raise the awareness of the public and visitors to the center of the plyt of the worlds sea turtles. One of the best tests of the success and adaptation of life back to the wild after rehabilitation of the released animal sack wild is to follow them in the sea. This can only be achieved with satellite telemetry.

Satellite tracking facilitates rapid identification of critical habitats, thus representing a valuable tool for elucidating management requirements. In the case of small threatened rookeries the methodology is particularly useful, as with moderate capital investment detailed information can be gathered very quickly. By tracking rehabilitated and nesting green and loggerhead turtles, we set out to rapidly delineate habitats (nesting beaches, inter-nesting areas, migratory routes, and foraging grounds) utilized by turtles originating from Turkey. In this way, we aimed to highlight prioritize areas for conservation. There have only been a few monitored turtles from nesting beaches, this work will be the first one aimed at the monitoring of turtles post-rehabilitation and post-nesting.

Project Partners

Directorate of the Conservation of Nature and National Natural Parks and the Environmental Protection Agency for Special Areas of Turkish Ministry of Environment of Forestry, the Municipality of the Dalyan, and Pamukkale University, RAC/SPA (Regional Activity Center/Special Protected Areas), Mugla Governor, SZN from Italy and BTC Pipeline Company.





Project Sponsors

BTC Pipeline Company is sponsoring the project


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