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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Study of the Biology of Sea Turtles in Brazil through Satellite Telemetry

A project of Projeto TAMAR in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Abará LoggerheadAdult2006-01-252007-09-30613
Acarajé LoggerheadAdult2006-01-272008-07-30915
Acaçá LoggerheadAdult2006-02-212009-10-111328
Adicuri Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-072006-04-3082
Araçá Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-012006-02-1514
Axe HawksbillAdult2005-02-122006-08-04538
Busca Vida HawksbillAdult2005-02-062005-10-22258
Cajú Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-152006-07-11146
Cambucá Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-052006-04-1670
Cambuí Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-032006-12-01301
Carnaval HawksbillAdult2005-02-052006-02-02362
Caruru LoggerheadAdult2006-02-032009-07-191262
Cocada LoggerheadAdult2006-03-052008-06-08826
Colombina HawksbillAdult2005-02-112005-03-2138
Confete HawksbillAdult2005-02-092006-01-03328
Curiri Olive RidleyAdult2006-04-032006-08-16135
Dona Divina LeatherbackAdult2005-12-132006-01-0826
Dona Mariquinha LeatherbackAdult2005-12-162007-01-29409
Dona Merluza LeatherbackAdult2006-02-122006-05-23100
Dona Vitória LeatherbackAdult2005-12-162007-01-08388
Efó LoggerheadAdult2006-02-182009-03-031109
Folia HawksbillAdult2005-02-072005-10-03238
Grageru Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-022006-03-0531
Iansa HawksbillAdult2005-02-262006-07-07496
Mangaba Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-042006-07-08154
Massaranduba Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-182006-08-22185
Moqueca LoggerheadAdult2006-02-142007-04-19429
Mungunzá LoggerheadAdult2006-02-222007-07-11504
Murici Olive RidleyAdult2006-02-112006-07-05144
Oxala HawksbillAdult2005-02-252005-03-1215
Oxosse HawksbillAdult2005-02-272007-05-12804
Pipoca HawksbillAdult2005-02-112007-02-01720
Ressaca HawksbillAdult2005-02-052005-02-2722
Serpentina HawksbillAdult2005-02-092005-02-2819
Trio Eletrico HawksbillAdult2005-02-112007-04-29807
Vatapá LoggerheadAdult2006-01-312009-08-131290
Xangô HawksbillAdult2005-03-282005-10-19205
Xinxim LoggerheadAdult2006-02-152007-09-07569
Yemanja HawksbillAdult2005-02-212005-04-1957

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The project entitled "Study of the Biology of Sea Turtles in Brazil of through Satellite Telemetry " is part of the larger research program entitled "Priority Research Studies on the Biology of the Sea Turtles", developed by Project TAMAR-IBAMA with the support of the Petrobras/Cenpes (Petrobras Research Center). The objective of this project is to use satellite telemetry to study and analyze the at-sea movements of female turtles, both during and following the nesting season, for the most threatened species that occur along the Brazilian coast (Caretta caretta, Dermochelys coriacea, Eretmochelys imbricata and Lepdochelys olivacea). The project will involve the deployment of 40 satellite tags: 15 on hawksbill turtles, 5 on leatherback turtles, 10 on loggerhead turtles and 10 on olive ridley turtles. The project officially began on February 02nd, 2005 when 15 satellite tags (KiwiSat 101 from Sirtrack Limited) were attached to the carapaces of hawksbill turtles that had just finished nesting on beaches along the northern coast of Bahia, Brazil. In continuity to this Study, 03 transmitters KiwiSat 101(with capacity to work for up to 450 days) were installed in females of the species Dermochelys coriacea (leatherback sea turtle) in Espirito Santo, only reproductive area of this species in the Brazilian coast. The last species that received transmitters was the Caretta caretta (loggerhead sea turtle), in the coast of Bahia, and Lepidochelys olivacea (olive ridley sea turtle), in the north coast of Sergipe, in the February of 2006. For further information on Projeto Tamar-Ibama history, sea turtle biology and the Satellite Telemetry Program, with updated maps on recent and past studies, visit our webpage,, and learn more about the conservation of sea turtles in Brazil.

Project Sponsors

This work was possible as a result of the financial support of Petrobras/Cenpes (Petrobras Research Center).


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