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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Duke North Atlantic Turtle Tracking

A project of Duke University Marine Laboratory in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
37117 Loggerheadn/a2002-09-302003-05-28240
37118 Loggerheadn/a2002-09-282003-04-01185
37120 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-102004-04-25198
37121 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-11-212004-09-16300
37122 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-102004-02-01114
37189 Green TurtleJuvenile2003-11-212004-05-16177
37190 Green TurtleJuvenile2003-11-072004-01-2074
37192 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-172004-07-20277
37193 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-172006-10-261105
37194 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-11-112004-08-18281
37195 Green TurtleJuvenile2003-11-052003-12-1944
37196 Green TurtleJuvenile2003-10-292004-02-14108
37199 Loggerheadn/a2002-09-302003-08-30334
37200 LoggerheadJuvenile2002-09-132004-07-03659
37201 n/an/a2002-09-302003-05-21233
37202 Loggerheadn/a2002-09-282003-03-02155
37208 Loggerheadn/a2002-10-052003-09-03333
37210 Green TurtleJuvenile2003-10-292003-11-1214
37212 LoggerheadJuvenile2002-10-050000-00-00
37213 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-172004-04-24190
37214 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-282004-11-14383
37217 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-102004-09-08334
37218 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-142004-07-07267
37219 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-282004-11-23392
37221 LoggerheadJuvenile2002-11-012003-10-29362
37224 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-05-302004-05-18354
37225 LoggerheadJuvenile2003-05-302004-05-14350
53957 Loggerheadjuvenile2004-11-062005-09-13311
53962 Loggerheadjuvenile2004-11-112005-08-03265
53963 Loggerheadjuvenile2004-11-062005-06-01207
53964 n/an/a2004-11-112005-11-15369
53966 n/an/a2004-11-062005-07-22258
Basil Green TurtleJuvenile2006-10-072007-02-20136
Beauty Green TurtleJuvenile2006-06-092006-08-0860
Blondie Green TurtleJuvenile2006-05-242006-06-2532
Hennessey Loggerheadjuvenile2006-09-032007-06-11281
Hunter Green TurtleJuvenile2006-05-242006-06-2835
Ibis Green TurtleJuvenile2006-06-062006-08-1873
Little Red LoggerheadJuvenile2003-10-102004-07-21285
PBS LoggerheadJuvenile2003-06-062003-12-29206
Parsley Green TurtleJuvenile2006-10-072006-11-0428
Peanut Green TurtleJuvenile2005-08-042005-10-0764
Phillip Green TurtleJuvenile2006-06-132006-11-13153
Trixie LoggerheadJuvenile2003-06-100000-00-00
Verde Green TurtleJuvenile2006-08-162006-10-3075
Zissou LoggerheadJuvenile2006-09-032007-05-08247

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We are attaching satellite transmitters to loggerheads, green and Kemp's ridley sea turtles to examine interaction between the turtles and commercial fisheries in North Carolina. Turtles are commonly caught in fishing gear in the sounds of North Carolina, particularly in the fall months when both turtles and flounder are migrating to the ocean. Gill nets, in particular, have been implicated in large mortality events and as a result this type of fishing gear has been restricted to certain parts of Pamlico Sound. In addition, the fall flounder gill net fishery has been closed prematurely in the past few years due to observed mortalities of turtles. We are studying interactions between turtles and gill nets by tracking the movements of turtles in and around Pamlico Sound during the fall flounder season and comparing the distribution of turtles with that of gill nets. In addition, we hope to gain valuable life history information by following the migration patters of individuals. We work closely with researchers from the Southeast Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries, in this program. This research is funded by the North Carolina Sea Grant's Fisheries Resource Grant program. For more information, please see the report: Habitat Use of Sea Turtles in Relation to Fisheries Interactions.


Project Sponsors

Duke University Marine Lab

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