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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Black-bellied Plover Tracking (Canada)

A project of Canadian Wildlife Service in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Aippiq Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-052017-04-15284
Anuri Black-bellied PloverAdult2017-07-012018-01-11194
Atausiq Black-bellied PloverAdult2014-07-032014-12-26176
Aupajaangajuq Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-062017-09-26447
Aupaqtuq Black-bellied PloverAdult2015-06-292015-10-21114
Florian Black-bellied PloverAdult2015-08-192015-10-1153
Iglulimmiutaujuq Black-bellied PloverAdult2017-07-012017-10-0697
Kanataupullunga Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-012017-06-09343
Marruuk Black-bellied PloverAdult2014-07-032016-07-16744
Naattiinguja Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-102017-05-30324
Nammagaaq Black-bellied PloverAdult2017-07-012018-04-22295
Niapiskau Black-bellied PloverAdult2015-09-132016-03-01170
Nuliaq Black-bellied PloverAdult2017-06-302018-04-23297
Pingasut Black-bellied PloverAdult2014-07-042017-09-141168
Pingasuujuqtut Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-082016-08-1841
Qakuqtuq Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-122016-07-2715
Qirniqtaq Black-bellied PloverAdult2015-06-282018-04-221029
Qulit Black-bellied PloverAdult2017-07-082017-08-1336
Quliunngigaqtut Black-bellied PloverAdult2017-07-072017-10-0489
Quqsuqtuq Black-bellied PloverAdult2015-06-282016-09-09439
Siarnaq Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-062017-10-29480
Sitammiq Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-072016-09-1772
Sivataarvik Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-162017-09-14425
Tallimat Black-bellied PloverAdult2015-06-292017-07-03735
Tallirmiq Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-022017-03-25266
Tisamat Black-bellied PloverAdult2015-06-282015-09-1276
Tisamaujunngigaqtut Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-082016-11-07122
Tisamaujuqtut Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-072017-04-09276
Tungujuqtuq Black-bellied PloverAdult2015-07-122015-09-2070
Tuulli Black-bellied PloverAdult2014-07-032015-08-15408
Uujaujaq Black-bellied PloverAdult2016-07-052016-08-1137

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  • If you have questions or would like to request the use of maps or data for this project please contact

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