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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Israel's sea turtle monitoring program

A project of Israel Nature and Parks Authrity in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Alex LoggerheadSub-Adult2018-04-032018-04-1916
Asher Green Turtlen/a2014-06-172014-08-1660
Aviv LoggerheadAdult2015-09-052015-10-1944
Ayala LoggerheadSub-adult2017-06-222018-04-20302
Easy LoggerheadAdult2014-08-292014-10-1850
Hamudy LoggerheadAdult2016-02-182016-09-10205
Isaschar Green Turtlen/a2014-06-172014-06-225
Itzik LoggerheadAdult2015-11-012016-01-0565
Nily LoggerheadAdult2015-09-062015-09-2014
Ninja LoggerheadAdult2017-06-242018-04-19299
Pinto LoggerheadAdult2017-09-282018-04-19203
Sha'adi LoggerheadAdult2017-06-232018-04-18299
Shemesh LoggerheadAdult2015-10-302016-04-02155
Tzadik Loggerheadsub-adult2014-10-222015-05-30220
Tzvia LoggerheadAdult2017-06-232017-07-2128

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The Israeli Nature and Parks Authority (NPA)operates this turtle monitoring program, sponsored by the NPA together with Israel Electric Company, to track rehabilitated sea turtles – mainly Loggerheads (Carreta carreta) and Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas).

Tracked turtles were released to sea after spending several months at the Israel Sea Turtle Rescue Center, to which they arrive suffering from various injuries. The purpose of this current monitoring program is to learn about these turtles' habits and behavior – post rehabilitation, to get a better understanding on their rehabilitation needs.

Previous monitoring programs focused on nesting females as well as Green turtles released after being kept in captivity as part of a breeding stock project, aimed to help increase the number of hatchlings in the wild. Tracking healthy turtles at sea allows the identification of feeding zones and migration paths, information of paramount importance for the protection of these endangered species.

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