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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Bald and Golden Eagles of the Chesapeake Bay, USA

A project of The Center for Conservation Biology in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Albany Bald EagleJuvenile2008-01-252018-03-203707
Anacostia Bald EagleAdult2008-02-022008-07-11160
Andover Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-182010-09-22857
Androscoggin Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-01-182014-06-022327
Annemessex Bald EagleAdult2007-08-012008-02-07190
Aquia Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-282012-03-131385
Aroostook Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-01-262017-09-213526
Ashuanipi Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-01-252017-08-013476
Assawoman Bald EagleJuvenile2009-04-262012-04-091079
Atikonak Bald EagleAdult2008-02-022014-08-132384
Avayalik Golden EagleSub-Adult2008-03-212015-06-262653
Avon Bald EagleJuvenile2007-09-232010-09-241097
Azalea Bald EagleJuvenile2009-05-202013-03-171397
Baleine Bald EagleAdult2008-02-092011-04-061152
Blackwater Bald EagleSub-Adult2007-08-162012-12-281961
Bohemia Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-042012-04-031430
Breton Bald EagleJuvenile2009-04-262011-04-30734
Caloosahatchee Bald EagleSub-Adult2007-08-162009-02-24558
Camellia Bald EagleJuvenile2010-05-052015-02-131745
Caniapiscau Bald EagleAdult2008-01-182014-05-192313
Champlain Bald EagleAdult2008-01-122010-07-01901
Chassahowitzka Bald EagleJuvenile2007-10-122008-10-01355
Chesapeake Bald EagleJuvenile2009-05-162015-03-142128
Chester Bald EagleJuvenile2007-10-112010-10-131098
Chicamuxen Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-03-022012-03-191478
Chilbury Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-032011-11-291305
Choptank Bald EagleSub-Adult2007-08-192014-05-062452
Citrus Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-10-172012-10-101454
Conococheague Bald EagleSub-Adult2009-01-042010-07-15557
Conowingo Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-022010-10-11892
Corsica Bald EagleJuvenile2007-10-052012-02-081587
Cypress Bald EagleJuvenile2007-10-112010-10-231108
Dundee Bald EagleSub-Adult2009-01-042012-02-271149
Fairlee Bald EagleJuvenile2009-05-102016-01-292455
Grace Bald EagleJuvenile2014-05-202017-10-171246
Honga Bald EagleJuvenile2007-08-192008-06-10296
Hudson Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-01-262013-07-232005
Locust Bald EagleJuvenile2009-05-162009-07-2974
Machipongo Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-09-122012-12-011541
Magothy Bald EagleAdult2008-01-312008-04-2585
Marshyhope Bald EagleSub-Adult2007-08-152012-07-171798
Mattawoman Bald EagleAdult2008-02-232013-11-092086
Minnehaha Bald EagleAdult2009-01-022009-04-1098
Monocacy Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-132009-04-03325
Nachicapau Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-03-222009-06-13448
Nanjemoy Bald EagleAdult2008-02-292010-04-19780
Nanticoke Bald EagleAdult2007-08-032012-01-301641
Naskaupi Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-03-232013-06-021897
Occoquan Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-172010-01-16609
Octoraro Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-272011-11-031255
Patapsco Bald EagleAdult2008-03-212009-08-17514
Patuxent Bald EagleAdult2008-03-232011-02-281072
Peribonca Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-02-092009-01-12338
Potomac Bald EagleSub-Adult2009-01-032011-10-191019
Salluit Golden EagleSub-Adult2008-03-072018-03-173662
Sassafras Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-04-262013-02-211762
Seneca Bald EagleAdult2008-01-242008-10-22272
Severn Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-12-312013-09-241728
Spesutie Bald EagleAdult2008-09-012011-04-06947
Susquehanna Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-132016-10-163078
Tonoloway Bald EagleSub-Adult2009-01-032017-02-212971
Towner Bald EagleAdult2007-11-292011-08-101350
Tuckahoe Bald EagleAdult2007-10-042011-10-221479
Warwick Bald EagleSub-Adult2007-10-042010-01-28847
Watson Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-312009-05-22356
Woodrest Bald EagleJuvenile2008-05-282013-02-151724
Wye Bald EagleJuvenile2007-10-072015-09-142899
Zephyrhills Bald EagleSub-Adult2008-08-312010-12-11832

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We banded and satellite tagged Bald and Golden Eagles in the upper Chesapeake Bay, USA as part of a program funded in part by the US Army. The Chesapeake Bay is a unique convergence zone for eagles along the Atlantic Coast of North America. It hosts over 1,000 breeding pairs of Bald Eagles year-round, plus thousands of migrant eagles from the southeastern US and northeastern US and Canada. Using the satellite tracking data, we can study the eagles' migration path, roosting patterns, foraging sites, and nesting sites. In addition, we can determine common causes of mortality and provide management recommendations to reduce future eagle mortalities. Eagles were tagged as nestlings or captured as free flying birds. We fitted eagles with backpack harness to hold the solar-powered transmitter in the middle of the eagle's back. Eagles were named after rivers and creeks in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, Canada, and Florida.

Project Partners

This project is funded in part by a grant from the US Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, The Center for Conservation Biology, and many private donors.


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