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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Seasonal Distributional Patterns of Juvenile Loggerheads from the Southeast

A project of South Carolina Marine Resources Research Institute in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
49120a LoggerheadJuvenile2004-06-162005-06-25374
49121a LoggerheadJuvenile2004-08-312005-07-23326
49122a LoggerheadJuvenile2004-08-262005-06-24302
49123a LoggerheadJuvenile2004-06-162005-04-24312
49124a LoggerheadJuvenile2004-08-302005-04-10223
52600a LoggerheadJuvenile2004-08-262004-11-2793
Al LoggerheadJuvenile2005-05-162006-05-31380
Bill LoggerheadJuvenile2006-05-162006-07-1560
Brian LoggerheadJuvenile2006-05-182006-06-3043
Capt Parker LoggerheadJuvenile2005-08-112006-03-09210
Charlotte LoggerheadJuvenile2007-05-222007-08-0474
David LoggerheadJuvenile2006-05-252007-10-17510
DuBose LoggerheadJuvenile2006-05-182006-06-1730
Glenn LoggerheadJuvenile2007-05-222008-05-16360
Golden Boy LoggerheadJuvenile2007-07-192007-12-18152
JB LoggerheadJuvenile2006-05-172006-06-2943
Jeff LoggerheadJuvenile2005-08-102006-05-14277
Jetty LoggerheadJuvenile2005-08-192005-11-0578
Jones LoggerheadJuvenile2007-05-212007-09-24126
Julia LoggerheadJuvenile2005-08-092006-04-12246
Kelly LoggerheadJuvenile2007-08-022008-04-04246
Kevin LoggerheadJuvenile2007-08-012007-12-16137
Kristen LoggerheadJuvenile2005-05-122006-03-08300
Kristina LoggerheadJuvenile2005-05-182005-10-20155
Lil' Vega LoggerheadJuvenile2007-08-012007-10-0464
Mike LoggerheadJuvenile2005-05-112005-10-17159
Nisty LoggerheadJuvenile2007-07-312007-09-1647
Pearse LoggerheadJuvenile2007-05-212007-09-11113
Phil LoggerheadJuvenile2005-08-112006-05-10272
Randy LoggerheadJuvenile2006-05-242006-10-06135
Rob LoggerheadJuvenile2005-08-112005-11-0283
Sally LoggerheadJuvenile2007-05-222007-09-02103
Sherry LoggerheadJuvenile2007-05-222007-08-30100
Siobhan LoggerheadJuvenile2005-05-172005-06-1832
Stingray LoggerheadJuvenile2007-08-282008-05-01247
Wayne LoggerheadJuvenile2005-05-112005-08-24105

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Loggerhead turtles off the southeastern United States are an important component of a complex of turtles representing the progeny of multiple rookeries (Bowen et al 1993, Sears et al 1995, Turtle Expert Working Group 2000, SCDNR Unpublished Data). While access to adult female turtles on nesting beaches is common, access to juvenile turtles is relatively limited because of the expense involved in conducting in-water surveys necessary to collect them. Consequently, less is known about the biology and ecology of these turtles than adult females. For example, while movement patterns of nesting females have been studied in some detail, the movement patterns of ocean-going juveniles and adult males remain poorly understood (Turtle Expert Working Group, 2000).

During the summers in 2000-2003, the SCDNR and the UGA Marine Extension Service conducted a regional trawl survey for sea turtles in waters 15-40? deep between Winyah Bay, SC, and St. Augustine, FL (Maier et al. 2004). Turtles were primarily collected using randomized, fishery-independent sampling; however, fishery-dependent sampling (i.e., riding along as observers aboard commercial shrimp trawlers) was also utilized. Of 936 loggerhead collections, only 12 represented re-encounter events; however, catch-per-unit effort during this sampling was nearly 10 times greater than some in-water surveys conducted 10-20 years earlier (Maier et al. 2004). When recaptured, loggerheads were generally observed within 10 km of where released 1-3 years earlier.

Due to the lack of conclusive data regarding the seasonal residence patterns of juvenile loggerheads in coastal waters of the SE USA, over-wintering locations for turtles encountered in this area, and the re-migration rates (assuming these turtles leave for the winter) to coastal waters of the SE USA, it is uncertain whether low tag-recapture rates during the 2000-2003 survey represent high migration out of the area or a dilution of tagged turtles in a sea of unmarked turtles.

To help address these issues, the first of a proposed three year satellite telemetry study of the distributional patterns of juvenile loggerheads in coastal waters near Charleston, SC, was initiated in May 2004. Two juvenile loggerhead sea turtles were released in June (ID?s 49120 and 49123) and four juvenile loggerheads (ID?s 49121, 49122, 49124 and 52600) were released in August. In 2005, six juvenile loggerheads (Wayne, Mike, Kristen, Al, Siobahn, Kristina) were released in May and six juvenile loggerheads (Rob, Capt Parker, Julia, Jeff, Phil, Jetty) were released in August, with one of these turtles (Jetty) having been caught in May and rehabilitated at the SC Aquarium until August. Satellite tagging of six more juvenile loggerheads is planned for May 2006.

Project Partners

This study, funded by NOAA Fisheries, represents an extremely collaborative effort between the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service, and the following organizations and institutions: College of Charleston,Grice Marine Biology Laboratory; University of South Carolina; Medical University of South Carolina; Clemson University; NOAA/National Institute of Standards and Technology; NC State University, College of Veterinary Medicine; Duke University; University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine; University of Hawaii; Greiner North America

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