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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Fisheries NSW shark tracking

A project of NSW Department of Primary Industries in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Shark 1 White SharkJuvenile2015-08-262015-11-1379
Shark 10 White SharkJuvenile2015-10-142016-02-18127
Shark 11 White SharkJuvenile2015-10-152015-11-2036
Shark 13 White SharkJuvenile2015-10-172016-08-02290
Shark 14 White SharkJuvenile2015-10-192016-02-11115
Shark 15 White SharkJuvenile2016-05-312017-02-28273
Shark 16 White SharkJuvenile2016-05-312016-09-18110
Shark 17 White SharkJuvenile2016-05-312017-03-01274
Shark 18 White SharkJuvenile2016-06-022016-08-1574
Shark 2 White SharkJuvenile2015-08-262015-11-2086
Shark 25 White SharkSub adult2016-07-042017-03-03242
Shark 26 White SharkJuvenile2016-07-042016-10-21109
Shark 27 White SharkSub adult2016-07-052017-01-23202
Shark 28 White SharkSub adult2016-07-052017-04-29298
Shark 3 White SharkSub-Adult2015-08-282016-08-11349
Shark 30 White SharkJuvenile2016-07-202017-04-29283
Shark 31 White SharkJuvenile2016-07-212016-10-1485
Shark 33 White SharkJuvenile2016-07-222017-01-03165
Shark 34 White SharkJuvenile2016-07-272016-09-1146
Shark 35 White SharkJuvenile2016-08-012017-04-29271
Shark 36 White SharkJuvenile2016-08-012017-04-25267
Shark 37 White SharkJuvenile2016-08-022017-02-11193
Shark 38 White SharkJuvenile2016-08-092017-04-27261
Shark 39 White SharkJuvenile2016-08-092016-08-134
Shark 4 White SharkJuvenile2015-08-302016-08-26362
Shark 40 White SharkJuvenile2016-08-092017-02-11186
Shark 41 White SharkSub adult2016-08-102017-02-13187
Shark 42 White SharkJuvenile2016-09-062017-04-26232
Shark 44 White SharkJuvenile2016-09-062017-02-22169
Shark 45 White SharkJuvenile2016-09-072017-04-29234
Shark 47 White SharkJuvenile2016-09-072017-04-19224
Shark 48 White SharkJuvenile2016-09-272017-04-29214
Shark 49 White SharkJuvenile2016-09-272017-04-29214
Shark 5 White SharkSub-Adult2015-09-082015-11-2477
Shark 50 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-012017-04-29210
Shark 51 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-012017-01-13104
Shark 52 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-012017-04-27208
Shark 53 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-022017-04-16196
Shark 54 White SharkSub-adult2016-10-042017-04-28206
Shark 55 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-042017-03-03150
Shark 56 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-062017-04-04180
Shark 57 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-082017-04-08182
Shark 58 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-082017-03-04147
Shark 59 White SharkJuvenile2016-10-082016-11-2043
Shark 6 White SharkJuvenile2015-09-122015-10-1735
Shark 7 White SharkSub-Adult2015-09-122015-12-1695
Shark 8 White SharkJuvenile2015-09-132016-01-10119
Shark 9 White SharkJuvenile2015-10-132016-04-23193

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NSW Shark Management Strategy

The shark tagging project is part of the NSW Government’s targeted shark attack mitigation campaign. The project is being done by the NSW Department of Primary Industries in collaboration with the CSIRO.

The aim of the research is to target individual sharks which appear to be frequenting waters close to shore and involves (i) locating sharks from a helicopter and then capturing and tagging them from a boat or (ii) using SMART Drumline technology to capture sharks. Both externally fin-mounted satellite tags and surgically implanted acoustic tags register the natural movements of the sharks to determine the environmental and biological factors affecting white shark distribution in coastal waters. Understanding these underlying factors will assist in identifying potential areas of increased risk to water users.

Acoustic transmitters are detected by a satellite linked (VR4G) listening station that detects tagged sharks and other marine animals swimming within 500 m. Captured information goes to a satellite and is then instantaneously sent to the public and beach authorities via Twitter and SMS. Ten listening stations have been positioned on the NSW north coast at Tweed, Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Ballina, Evans Head, Yamba, Coffs Harbour, South West Rocks, Port Macquarie and Forster. A further ten VR4G listening stations will be deployed at other NSW beaches in 2016. Additional information on the movements of acoustically tagged sharks comes from VR2 receivers – there are hundreds of these along the NSW coast. Unlike the VR4Gs, these receivers store the data which then has to be manually downloaded at regular intervals.

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