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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Adult green turtles of the Archie Carr NWR

A project of UCF Marine Turtle Research Group in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Boyd Green TurtleAdult2015-05-182015-07-2770
Brian Green TurtleAdult2015-05-182015-09-22127
Chief Green TurtleAdult2016-06-172016-09-0681
Doc Green TurtleAdult2015-05-242015-11-27187
Frank Green TurtleAdult2017-05-282017-08-0266
JacKen Green TurtleAdult2017-06-242017-07-3137
Jim Green TurtleAdult2015-05-252015-11-09168
Kevin Green TurtleAdult2017-06-222017-11-14145
Mario Green TurtleAdult2015-05-032015-10-21171
Peter Green TurtleAdult2015-05-272016-01-19237
Redfoot Green TurtleAdult2017-06-162017-10-05111
Spencer Green TurtleAdult2017-06-192017-11-03137

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Although the UCF group has been satellite tracking adult male and female green turtles from the Carr Refuge nesting beach since 2013, in 2015 the focus of the project shifted to tracking only males. The 2015 season promised to be a high nesting year, and therefore easier to encounter and tag males when they wash ashore as part of a mating pair. The 2016 season provided an opportunity to tag an additional male, Chief, and we have five transmitters to deploy on males in 2017. Male sea turtles leave the nesting beach as hatchlings and never return to land so even the most basic biological information, like morphometrics, is lacking. This project aims to fill in some of the missing data gaps about male green turtles, including information on genetics, stable isotopes, local movements at the nesting beach, migration and destinations when they leave, and home range at the foraging grounds.

Project Sponsors

Our deepest thanks to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society, SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, and to the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation for funding this project in 2017. Thanks to the Sea Turtle Grants Program, funded by the proceeds of the Florida Sea Turtle License Plate (learn more at for funding in previous years. Thanks to UCF students for their help in encountering turtles, workup and attachment.



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