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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Hawksbill Turtle Constellation - Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, 2015

A project of Projeto Tamar-ICMBio - PGS in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
A Centauri 2 HawksbillAdult2018-01-172018-03-1759
A Centauri HawksbillAdult2015-03-032015-07-18137
Aldebaran HawksbillAdult2015-03-212015-08-08140
Alpha Doradus HawksbillAdult2017-04-122018-01-18281
Altair HawksbillAdult2016-03-112017-07-13489
Antares HawksbillAdult2015-03-072015-08-08154
Arcturus HawksbillAdult2015-02-282015-04-1849
Atria HawksbillAdult2015-02-272015-04-2658
Bellatrix HawksbillAdult2015-03-182016-04-14393
Canopus HawksbillAdult2015-02-282015-04-0536
Capella 2 HawksbillAdult2017-03-162017-11-30259
Capella HawksbillAdult2015-05-062015-09-06123
Castor HawksbillAdult2016-02-062016-07-05150
Deneb HawksbillAdult2016-05-022018-03-17684
Mel 111 HawksbillAdult2016-01-282016-05-10103
Miaplacidus HawksbillAdult2017-04-072017-11-01208
Mimosa HawksbillAdult2015-03-292015-07-12105
Mintaka HawksbillAdult2016-02-272016-04-2053
Naos HawksbillAdult2016-02-272016-05-1578
Nunki HawksbillAdult2016-03-302016-09-02156
Rasalgethi HawksbillAdult2016-02-102016-04-1060
Regulus 2 HawksbillAdult2017-12-262018-03-1882
Regulus HawksbillAdult2015-03-052016-02-09341
Rigel HawksbillAdult2016-02-082016-07-22165
Shaula HawksbillAdult2017-02-222017-06-03101
Sirius HawksbillAdult2015-02-252015-05-0266
Spica HawksbillAdult2016-02-102017-07-21527
Talitha HawksbillAdult2016-01-172016-03-2770
Tania Australis HawksbillAdult2016-01-222016-06-19149
Vega HawksbillAdult2015-03-032015-03-1916

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Telemetry Project of hawksbill turtles of the Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil, implemented in partnership by Tamar-ICMBio Center, Pro-Tamar Foundation and PGS.

Project Sponsors

Centro Tamar Tamar-ICMBio - Fundação Pró-Tamar

PGS - Petrolium Geo Service

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