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Help needed to care for thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles


*** Donate Time • Money • Supplies ***

Thousands of sea turtles have been rescued from the unusually cold weather experienced during the second week of January in the southeastern US. These turtles are being cared for by organizations from North Carolina to Texas. The unprecedented number of stranded sea turtles has left these organization scrambling for resources and forced them to spend funds typically budgeted for an entire year. Please help these organizations care for and return the rescued sea turtles to the wild by making a donation of money, time or materials.

Photos courtesy of NOAA

IMGP0685.JPGBelow is a listing of organizations that need your help. This list is being constantly updated, so please check back often!

If you find a dead or injured sea turtle, please report it to the proper authorities.


A Record 5000 Sea Turtles Cold-Stunned in Florida
2000 sea turtles rescued from unusually cold sea off Florida
Statewide turtle rescue hits historic proportions
Shocked by the biting cold, dying turtles get new life
Cold snap's toll just now being completely felt

FLORIDA (Hotline 888-404-3922)

The Caribbean Conservation Corporation has set up an emergency fund to help permitted organizations in Florida. Visit their site to make a donation to the emergency fund.

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center - Boca Raton
Phone: 561-391-8110

  • Publix or Whole Foods Gift Cards -

    these are used to buy foods both for the turtles, and also some light refreshments for the rescue staff which have been coming in from multiple counties to lend a hand, often on their own time.

  • Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Office Depot, Staples Gift Cards – for purchases of materials such as bins, tubs, disposable items, files, pens, markers, copy paper, cleaning supplies, and other consumable items. Our paperwork and disinfectant requirements for these guys is pretty darn extensive.

  • Gas Gift Cards – to help cover turtle transport costs, and vet, vet tech, and rehab tech extra travel

  • Food Scale A&D HL-WP HL-1000WP wash down waterproof for food prep

  • Ferno Gurney 24H MiniMaxx collapsible gurney for transport

  • If you may be able to donate medical supplies or vet meds, please contact us directly.

The Turtle Hospital - Marathon

The Turtle Hospital has admitted 178 turtles in the last few days with an equal mix of Hawksbills, Greens, and Loggerheads.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center - Juno Beach
Phone: 561-627-8280

  • Meds - Albuterol Sulfate.083%, Fluconazole 2mg/ml, Amikacin 50 or 250 mg/ml, Baytril 100 mg/ml, Sodium Chloride, Betadine Solution
  • Supplies - Primary IV sets, Vials, IV poles, Syringes 1cc to 60cc (Luer lock), Needles 25 - 18 gauge, Latex gloves - all sizes, Duct tape, A&D ointment, Unscented laundry detergent, Paper towels, Large trash bags, Bleach, Black thick Sharpie pens, Sharps boxes, Report or Clip boards, Baby pools, Ball point pens
  • Other - New Commercial Electric Washer & Dryer, All Terrain Vehicles, Gift cards for grocery and hardware stores
  • Money - (preferred- permits flexible use as needed)
    Online donations:
    Checks made to: Loggerhead Marinelife Center (please write in memo line "Cold Weather Emergency")
    Send to: Loggerhead Marinelife Center, 14200 U.S. Highway 1, Juno Beach, FL 33408

Mote Marine Lab - Sarasota
Phone: 941-388-4441 x509

  • Closed-cell foam padding (this is a high priority and usually available from boat fabricators); Kiddie pools, wading pools, cattle waterers or other containers of a similar size that can hold water; Spray bottles; Towels and blankets; Tarps; Spring clamps (either all metal or plastic); Ventilated containers
  • Monetary donations to pay for medications, food and satellite tags

Other rehabilitation organizations that hosted sea turtles (no specific info available yet):

Additional organizations that served as temporary holding facilities:

  • St. Lucie Power Plant (Inwater Research Group)
  • Florida Oceanographic Society
  • Brevard Zoo
  • Barrier Island Center
  • Environmental Learning Center
  • University of Central Florida (Marine Turtle Research Group - Beach house)
  • Whitney Marine Lab
  • Marineland
  • University of Florida
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • USFWS National Fish Hatchery (in Welaka, FL)
  • USFWS Canaveral National Seashore
  • USFWS Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

GEORGIA (Hotline 800-272-8363)

Georgia Sea Turtle Center/Jekyll Island State Park Authority - Jekyll Island
Phone: 912-635-4444

  • Medical supplies - Amikacin, Abaxis- (Reptile/avian cartridges for blood work), Ceftazidime, Metronidazole, Doxirobe, Syringes (1 ml, 3 ml, 12 ml, 60 ml), Lactated ringers solution - one liter bags, Saline solution - one liter bags of 0.9%, Bone cement, Medi-honey impregnated sterile gauze, Alcohol, Needles (18, 20 and 22 gauge- 1 and 1.5 inch), Gauze- 4 x 4”, Disposable examination gloves (small, medium & large)
  • Husbandry Supplies - Laundry Detergent, Paper Towels, Sharpie pens, Ink Pens, PVC, Plastic lattice work (“fencing material”), Submersible aquarium heaters (50,100,200,300 watts), Heat lamps- UVB only, Floor heaters, Bath-size towels, Duct tape, Zip ties (long, Black “UVB compatible”)
  • Turtle Food supplies - Fresh, dark green lettuces, Fresh cucumbers, Fresh green peppers
  • Money - (preferred- permits flexible use as needed)
    • On-line donations
      Network for Good (Put “Georgia Sea Turtle Center” in Designation box)
      GSTC Store
    • Checks made to: Jekyll Island Foundation (please write in memo line- “Georgia Sea Turtle Center”)
      Send to: Jekyll Island Foundation, 381 Riverview Drive, Jekyll Island, GA 31527


Network for Endangered Sea Turtles (N.E.S.T.) - Kitty Hawk
PO Box 1168, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
Phone: 252-441-8622

  • Supplies - Latex gloves (small. medium, large), Iodine/Betadine, Alcohol, Guaze pads, Cotton swabs, Syringes - 1ml & 3ml, Needles -, 18, 20 and 22 gauge- 1 and 1.5 inch, Micro-hematocrit capillary tubes, Critoseal clay sealant, I-Pet glucose test strips, Veterinary stretcher - please contact for details, Laundry detergent, Bleach, Hand sanitizer, 13 gal trash bags, 3-ring binders (1in, 2in, 3in) and dividers, 1 or 2 flash/jump drives for record back-up, Small shop vac, PVC and plastic lattice fencing

Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

North Carolina Aquariums


Dear Turtles!
Here in the UAE, mainly Dubai, seaturtles have a difficult life because of all the construction going on. Palms and "World" are built into the sea, where turtles lived and layed their eggs before. Does anybody know about a turtle help or rescue organisation in the UAE or Middle East? We, as a vet clinic, would love to contribute to their work!

Check the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

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