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Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

A project of Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project.

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Species: Green Turtle
Life Stage: Adult
Gender: Unknown
Release Date: 2009-11-11 11:00:00
Release Location: Offshore Dubai
Last Location: 2010-09-17 16:02:00


Jade is the third turtle fitted with a satellite platform by a collaborative project between the Wildlife Protection Office, Dubai, and the Jumeirah Hotel Group. She formed part of a group of 14 other turtles, Hawksbills, that were released on 11th November 2009, taking the number of turles released this year alone to 68.
Jade is presumed female, although this was not confirmed. She was received earlier this year at a period when Dubai's waters were at their coldest. Although body condition appeared good and no physical injury was apparent, she exhibited extreme lethargy, positive bouyancy, and no interest in feeding. All veterinary aspects of the project are handled by al Wasl veterinary Clinic, Dubai. Blood tests indicated that the turtle was fighting an infection so a course of antibiotics was given, combined with force-feeding, vitamins and housing in inside recuperation facilities at 25C. This enabled the team to return the turtle to full health.

Jade initially travelled asome distance ina North Easterly direction, and left Dubai waters for the neighbouring Emirate. In teh eraly days following her release, she completely reversed direction, and travelled seemingly with purpose, to the area highlighted with multiple plots on the chart.

Now, well into the expected life-span of the transmitter battery pack, Jade can be seen to have returned to the Jebel Ali area of the Dubai coastline, where she has spent the majority of her time at large since fitting the tag. Although less dramatic a journey than our Ocean traveller, Dibba, the very fact that she has chosen to linger in this Jebel Ali area is of interest. Extraordinarily, this is the exact location that she was retrieved from in a highly debbilitated state,when she first came to us! Historically this area has long been associated with turtle sightings ( backed up by the author's own 28 year experience of the locality), and even as a possible dugong grazing area. Jonathan Ali Khan and Dr Bernard Reigel both highlighted this area in the late '80s early 90's as holding important seagrass habitat, and at that time possible dugong grazing tracks were recorded in the area. It was subsequently declared a Marine Reserve. Perhaps Jebel's choice of abode goes to reinforce the importance of this area to turtles iin the region.
THe most recent data indicates a shift onfce again in Jebel's position, she is on the move, southwards. Could she be heading to nesting beaches? Has the recent seasonal increase in coastal water temperature caused her to seek deeper waters? The journey continues...!

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