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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?


Georgia Sea Turtle Center - Monitoring of Rehabilitated Patients

A project of Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

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Looks like Duffy finally decided to leave the area and, after a brief stop south of Jacksonville, is headed south for the winter! We wish her well and hope she will continue to transmit a signal for some time so we can all continue to follow her journey!

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Species: Loggerhead
Life Stage: Juvenile
Gender: Female
Release Date: 2009-06-13 20:00:00
Release Location: Jekyll Island, GA
Last Location: 2009-12-05 20:00:47


Duffy was found on June 11, 2008 by the Georgia Bulldog, a research vessel that catches, studies and releases sea turtles. Duffy had obvious evidence of a boat strike injury and was immediately transferred to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center (GSTC) for immediate care. Her shell was fractured, she had a broken femur and her wounds were severely infected. Her in initial treatment consisted of Reglin for gut motility, an anti-fungal (itraconazole), antibiotics (Flagyl & Ceftazidime), metacam for pain and honey & honey comb for wound care. Honey and honey comb has antimicrobial roperties that draw infection out of a wound. We have used this technique on a number of cases, all with fantastic results! Less than one year after her arrival, Duffy was cleared for release!

On June 10, 2009, Duffy received a final physical exam, flipper tags, a PIT tag and a satellite transmitter. Duffy was released with another loggerhead named Simone (check out Simone's tracking map too!) on June 13, 2009 during the final event of week-long event in celebration of our 2 year anniversary known as Nest Fest (check out our BLOG for information about Nest Fest!)

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