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Will (YYN955)

TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Tracking

A project of TAMUG Sea Turtle and Fisheries Ecology Research Lab.

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Will (YYN955), a rehabilitated adult male Kemp's ridley outfitted with a KiwiSat 101 transmitter, was released from Mustang Island beach near Port Aransas, Texas (Beach Access 1/ mile marker 35) on 23 July 2009.

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Species: Kemp's Ridley
Life Stage: Adult
Gender: Male
Release Date: 2009-07-23 17:36:00
Release Location: Port Aransas, TX
Last Location: 2013-07-29 21:32:21

Adoptive Parents:
Cole Wending
Melanie Futrell
Jacob Holloway
Alex Walsh
WIlliam MacLean
William Dempsey
Ian Kannon Rodarte
Oconomowoc Public Library
Whitney Rathke
5th grade G period
Hal Haltom
Harvey Abrams
William Gautreau
Shannon Marie Preslar
Madeline Dorothy Haefele
Wm. B Purvis III


Will (YYN955) is an adult male Kemp's ridley sea turtle that stranded 19 April 2009 on Harbor Island near Port Aransas, Texas, and was rehabilitated by the Animal Rehabiliation Keep (ARK) facility at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute (UTMSI) in Port Aransas. This ridley was outfitted with a KiwiSat 101 satellite transmitter by Sea Turtle and Fisheries Ecology Research Lab (STFERL) personnel from Texas A&M University at Galveston and released from Mustang Island beach near Port Aransas (Beach Access 1/ mile marker 35) on 23 July 2009.

Special thanks go to Tony Amos (ARK & UTMSI) for providing this turtle for satellite tagging and release. Will is the first adult male Kemp's ridley to be satellite tagged and tracked by the STFERL, and he is the sixth sea turtle satellite tagged and tracked by the STFERL in collaboration with Tony Amos and ARK. The previous five included Hook, Lydia Ann, Slabby, Judy (all loggerheads) and Heady (green turtle). These tracks and other TAMUG STFERL tracks are available on the "TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Nesters 2007-2008", "TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Tracking 2007", "TAMUG Kemp's Ridley Tracking 2004-2006", "TAMUG Green Turtle Tracking", and "TAMUG Loggerhead Tracking" pages.

UPDATE JANUARY 2010: Will continues to remain near his stranding and release location on the mid-Texas coast. As a male, his migratory behavior this year differs remarkably from the adult females tracked by the STFERL, as our adult females have all migrated to northern and eastern Gulf of Mexico locations during the winter months. If Will continues to remain in the vicinity of Padre Island, Texas' most important nesting beach, he will be in a prime location full of reproductively mature females prior to nesting season this spring!

UPDATE JUNE 2010: To date, we have detected no irregularities in Will's movements and are hopeful he remains in good health. However, we are deeply concerned about the fate of all sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico as BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill continues to decimate associated ecosystems.

Update MAY 2011: Will remains active and we are thrilled that we are still receiving location data from this adult male! Interestingly, he has remained away from Texas' nesting beaches for the 2011 nesting season and is instead frequenting a foraging area popular with adult females.

SEATURTLE.ORG collaborates with Argos to help scientists and conservationists manage and analyse their valuable animal tracking data.

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