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Why did animal X stop transmitting?


Mote Marine Laboratory - Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital

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Is King hanging near shore to meet and greet the ladies? Many females will be migrating back to Sarasota County to nest as the season begins in May. King has moved from the Egmont Key shipping channel north to the beaches near Clearwater, and recently back south. In August, King began to move further offshore. The ranging behavior is quite different than for Bruno who remains close to shore. King's signals have been erratic in the last week, so hopefully they will begin to make sense soon, perhaps this might be associated with larger waves generated by the distant passage of Hurricane Dean, that make it difficult to have the antenna clear the water surface and send a good signal. Wow- since September, King has been swimming steadily south and has now reached the Florida Keys. Now that King is in the Florida Current and about to go with the flow, where will he end up? Heading now past Great Bahamas and into the pelagic zone, will he cross the Gulf Stream? King has arrived in the Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary, which is a popular area with loggerheads because is is a reef area in an otherwise sandy-muddy bottom. Loggerheads will rub their shells on the reefs to groom (see the following image posted by Mike Frick at Caretta Research)but if King "scratches his back", that might damage the antenna on the transmitter. home page for Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary 10/24/07 Restless King is now swimming along the South Carolina shoreline, having passed by Hilton Head, and now Kiawah Island. 11/14/07 Seems to have settled offshore near Myrtle Beach.11/19/07 has moved near Cape Fear, North Carolina. The water temperature is cooling near shore so will King move to deeper water near the Gulf Stream for a warmer wintering ground? For comparison, check out what the Bald Head loggerheads do for overwintering. 2/4/08 near St. Augustine. 2/24/08 King swims offshore of the "Turtle Mound", a 50-foot high ancient hillock of shells containing 33,000-cubic yards of oyster shells covering 2 acres. The kitchen midden was created by Timucuan Native Americans. Visible seven miles out at sea, early sailors used Turtle Mound as a navigational device. Archaeologists theorize that the Indians may have used the area as high-ground refuge during hurricanes. 2/27/08 King has moved steadily southward toward the Brevard County region, which is the highest density nesting in Florida. The Cape Canaveral region is the site of last year's male loggerhead tracking by SC Wildlife Resources so is known to be a hotspot for mating. Perhaps King is still "looking for a date". 3/13/08 moving South of Ft. Pierce. 3/20/08 offshore Palm Beach County, another high density loggerhead rookery. 3/25/08 Miami Beach, watch out for the speedboat traffic, King! 3/27/08 nearing Key Largo and passing into the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. 3/31/08 King is going along with the Gulf Stream and it has taken him northwards very rapidly. 4/7/08. Back to the Georgia coast. 4/14/08 offshore of Jekyll and Cumberland Islands 5/2/08 at 400 days and counting, near St. Augustine. 8/16/08. King's tag was quiet for about 6 weeks but is back on and he is near the Ft. Pierce Inlet. 9/11/08 King is in the Indian River Lagoon behind Hutchinson Island.

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Species: Loggerhead
Life Stage: Adult
Gender: Male
Release Date: 2007-03-29 12:00:00
Release Location: Lido Beach
Last Location: 2008-10-18 10:08:55

Adoptive Parents:
Sydney & Ethan Rodetsky
Christopher Scott Graves
Anne Schmieg
Melanie Kauk
HJC Nursery School/Sandy, Jill and Carol's class
Jackie Blue
Ron Johnson
Ryan Burke
Dalton Clark
Arthur M. Salmen
Amanda Fleshman
The Rosser Family
Villanova Senior Seminar Endangered Species Class
Michelle Gonzales
Maryalice Spillane
Dee Singleton-Osbourne
John Shih


King was found floating near Casey Key on April 27, 2006. The turtle was brought to Mote's Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital for care. The turtle was very lethargic, but responsive upon arrival to Mote. The turtle was affected by what is being called "Lethargic Loggerhead Syndrome", a condition caused by parasites in the blood vasculature, particularly in the brain. It took 4.5 months before King could swim and 8 months before he could eat on his own, but all effects of the parasites appear to be gone.
The release of these turtles marks Mote's first scientific findings of adult male loggerheads that have undergone rehabilitation, some of which were affected by red tide. Mote's Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Program will be tracking the movement of these turtles and monitoring the possible interaction with environmental factors, such as red tide exposure and changing water temperature, upon release. This is the first opportunity to obtain information with satellite tags on adult male loggerheads. Female turtles can be studied on the beach during nesting cycles. However, adult male sea turtles typically live further offshore and do not come ashore, making it more difficult to learn about them.
King measures curved carapace length notch-tip = *92.8 cm, weight 88 kg, Curved carapace width 83.6 cm, Head width 19.9 cm. *indicates a shortened carapace, from a truncated rear tip of the carapace. Tag is a Wildlife Computers SPOT 5.
King's tag is sponsored by Penelope Kingman in memory of the late Barry Kingman.

SEATURTLE.ORG collaborates with Argos to help scientists and conservationists manage and analyse their valuable animal tracking data.

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