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Study of young rehabilitated harbour seal in the north of France

A project of Asso Chene.

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Arès was found at Le Tréport. It's near Baie de Somme, where there is a harbor seal colony. So we could think it was born here. We released in baie des Veys (south-west of Le Tréport), and except two travels in England and a stay at Cap de la Hague (north-west from baie des Veys, he always stays at baie des Veys. He is seen with others harbors seals of the colony.

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Species: Harbor Seal
Life Stage: juvenile
Gender: Male
Release Date: 2007-01-19 09:00:00
Release Location: Baie des Veys
Last Location: 2007-06-24 00:00:00

Adoptive Parents:
Loren Nathaniel


Arès is a young harbor seal of 2006. He has been saved by the firemen at Le Tréport (town of Normandy, in the north of France) the 26th october 2006.
It had breath disease (pox virus) and was very thin.
After 3 months in our rehabilited center, it was fine and ready to go back to the wildlife.
It was released in the Baie des Veys (Normandy's bay), with another harbor seal, Apollon, rehabilited in our center too.

Arès est un jeune phoque veau-marin de l'année 2006 qui a été trouvé par les pompiers du Tréport (ville de Normandie, au nord de la France) le 26 octobre 2006.
Il était très maigre et avait le pox virus.
Après 3 mois de soins, il allait très bien et était prêt à retourner dans le milieu naturel. Il a été relâché dans la baie des Veys (une baie en Normandie), en compagnie d'un autre phoque soigné au CHENE, Apollon.

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