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Satellite Tracking

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TAMUG Green Turtle Tracking

A project of TAMUG Sea Turtle and Fisheries Ecology Research Lab.

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RRV274 is a juvenile green sea turtle that was outfitted with a Sirtrack KiwiSat 202 transmitter and released in Matagorda Bay, Texas on 1 August 2006. Please note that there is a degree of error in satellite tracking and that points appearing on land are probably inaccurate.

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Species: Green Turtle
Life Stage: Juvenile
Gender: Unknown
Release Date: 2006-08-01 16:48:00
Release Location: Matagorda Bay, Texas
Last Location: 2007-03-24 19:00:00

Adoptive Parents:
Todd Snider
Lisa Price
Freddie Higgins
Cole Smith
Denise Flaharty
Anthony Liebig
Sandy Renner
Elizabeth Quasnick
James Werwie
Roy Blanco
Joe Doeg
Jerry Jeffery
Peggy and Denny


RRV274 ("Sprout") is a juvenile green sea turtle that was outfitted and released with a Sirtrack KiwiSat 202 transmitter on 1 August 2006. This turtle was found cold-stunned in eastern Matagorda Bay, Texas during December 2005, and s/he was responded to and rehabilitated by the NOAA Sea Turtle Facility in Galveston, Texas. After receiving a clean bill of health from Houston Zoo veterinary staff, RRV274 was transferred to the Moody Gardens Aquarium in Galveston for long-term holding during February-August 2006. This turtle was outfitted with a satellite transmitter by the TAMUG STFERL prior to release in eastern Matagorda Bay.

RRV274 was nicknamed "Sprout" during his/her stay at Moody Gardens. Many thanks to all who were involved in the rehabilitation and holding of this green turtle.

Update: “Sprout” was found stranded dead along the bayside shoreline of Matagorda Island, Texas on 24 March 2007. Satellite tracking data, when analyzed with prevailing weather conditions, suggest Sprout became cold stunned sometime in mid to late December 2006. Evidence to support this suggestion include Sprout’s previous live stranding in Matagorda Bay during a December 2005 cold stunning event along with the fact that the lower Texas coast experienced another event involving at least 160 turtles in December 2006. Attempts to rescue Sprout soon after its tracking data suggested it was stranded were unsuccessful. Although Sprout’s stranding is unfortunate, its tracking data provide valuable information on habitat use and behavior of green turtles in a mid-coast estuary. Sprout’s satellite tag was recovered and will be redeployed on a new turtle during summer 2007.

SEATURTLE.ORG collaborates with Argos to help scientists and conservationists manage and analyse their valuable animal tracking data.

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