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Cristina - Iniciativa Carey del Pacifico Oriental - ICAPO - Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative

A project of NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

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Track of Cristina the Hawksbill


Cristina the hawksbill turtle is a first time visitor and has nested three times during the 2014-2015 nesting season, depositing 136, 136 and 125 eggs, respectively. Cristina is the eleventh hawksbill equipped with a satellite tag in Machalilla National Park, the only confirmed nesting site for this critically endangered species along the Pacific coast of South American. This important sea turtle will be followed by all of us as part of a joint effort by Equilibrio Azul, Machalilla National Park, ICAPO and NOAA.

Esta Carey nos visitó por primera vez y anidó tres veces durante la temporada 2014-2015. En sus tres salidas ha dejado 136, 136 y 125 huevos en cada nidada. Cristina es la décimo primera Carey equipada con un transmisor satelital en el Parque Nacional Machalilla, único sitio confirmado de anidación para esta especie -en peligro crítico de extinción- en el Pacífico Oriental de América del Sur. Esta importante tortuga podrá ser seguida por todos nosotros gracias al trabajo conjunto de Equilibrio Azul, el Parque Nacional Machalilla, ICAPO y la NOAA.

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  • This map connects positions generated by the ARGOS system designated as location codes (lc) '4', '3', '2', '1', 'A', 'B'.
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  • Bathymetry layers are derived from the GEBCO Digital Atlas published by the British Oceanographic Data Centre on behalf of the IOC and IHO, 2003, and the ETOPO2 Global 2' Elevations published by NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center.
  • Sea surface temperature is derived from NOAA's GOES Daily Sea Surface Temperature data.

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