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Trans-Pacific Migration of the Sooty Shearwater: 2004

A project of Pacific Procellariid Research Consortium.

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Pablo was named for the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Sooty Shearwaters nest in the southern hemisphere on islands of Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. During the boreal summer Sooty Shearwaters migrate to productive areas off coastal California were they replenish depleated body stores lost during the 6000 mile post-breeding migration. In August through September adults return to southern hemisphere colonies to nest and feed in the southern ocean. We have used genetic analyses to obtain preliminary results that suggest that the birds flocking off California during the summer are a mix of Chileans and New Zealanders. Where is Pablo headed?

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Species: Sooty Shearwater
Life Stage: Sub-Ad to Adult
Gender: Unknown
Release Date: 2004-09-02 11:32:00
Release Location: San Luis Bay
Last Location: 2004-10-18 21:49:23


The Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) is the most abundant, and perhaps the most conspicuous seabird off the coast of California during the spring – summer. The shearwater’s affinity for highly productive coastal waters influenced by upwelling often leads to predictable, and extremely aggregated flocks. Flocks range in size from several 1,000s to over a 100,000. The arrival of millions of shearwaters to California each year is a seasonal phenomenon that is well observed by thousands of people living in and visiting coastal communities in California. The distribution of high concentrations of shearwaters between the populated coast and heavily traveled offshore shipping lanes, place this species at a high risk from chronic oiling (urban runoff), catastrophic oiling (spills), and pollution.

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