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Casey Key Loggerheads 2007

A project of Mote Marine Laboratory.

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Hmm, interesting, Wiblet has journeyed into Tampa Bay, is this her final foraging area or is she foraging en route? She's ranging around in Old Tampa Bay. You might see her if you were between the Courtney Campbell Bridge, Howard Franklin Bridge, or the Gandy Bridge. Wiblet made 6 nests this year, all on Casey Key, all within 2.4 km spread, so she was a turtle with very high site fidelity. Compare her nesting pattern with Bubble who spread 4 nests over 110 km along the coast.

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Species: Loggerhead
Life Stage: Adult
Gender: Female
Release Date: 2007-05-25 10:00:00
Release Location: Casey Key
Last Location: 2007-09-07 07:44:34

Adoptive Parents:
Jenn Loder
Denny Dore
Sophia Shepherd
Susan Carleton


Wiblet is 108 cm curved carapace length and last nested on Casey Key in 2002. She is now carrying a time depth recorder and a bioacoustic tag.
Wiblet is named to recognize Dr. Thane Wibbels who studies temperature dependent sex determination in sea turtles on beaches around the world. Dr. Wibbels and PhD student Jenny Estes have studied the thermal conditions in nourished and non-nourished beaches of Sarasota County for the last 3 years. Dr. Wibbels visited on a field trip with classes from Dauphin Island Marine Station, but came to Casey Key at 2 AM to help tag this turtle. The fact that he supplied chocolate chip cookies and coffee at that hour had entirely nothing to do with it.
Wiblet was tagged early in the season to study the clutch frequency (how many nests laid by a turtle).

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