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New England Aquarium Sea Turtle Tracking

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This green turtle was released on Friday August 12 from a lobster boat. A local fisherman, Mark Leach, was kind enough to donate the use of his boat, fuel and his time to take us out to release this turtle and nine others into Nantucket Sound off the east side of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It will be very interesting to compare the track from this turtle and the other tagged turtle , Cassiopeia (released at the same time), to tracks from our previously tagged turtles. We do not expect these turtles to stay together but we are interested to see where they travel. - As always thanks for your interest in sea turtles! - Connie.

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Species: Green Turtle
Life Stage: Juvenile
Gender: Unknown
Release Date: 2011-08-12 20:00:00
Release Location: Nantucket Sound
Last Location: 2011-12-29 01:16:11

Adoptive Parents:
Jason Welch
BHMCS Room 249 and 246
Heather Downing
John O'Connor
Mrs. Valenti's Third Grade Class
Jamie-Lynn McIntosh
Ms. Hanley's Fifth Grade Class
Sandy Whitmer
Pat and Roger
Ray Vetuskey
Kelsey Gallagher
Bill Paxton
Linda Joy Schmitt
Sally Leffler
Katie Chambers
Sally Wilder
Shelley Ewell
Erin Peterson
Therese Giroux
Sydney Carrico
Ms. Patricia Grace
Shawn Jarish
Jill Tucker's 1st Grade Class
Brookley Rogers
Wilker Family
Erinn Fischer
Debi Frease


This green sea turtle arrived during the 2010 New England Cold-Stun season. We decided on an astrological theme for naming this year's group of sea turtles which is how the name “Ophelia” was chosen. This turtle came in underweight and unresponsive although, it had a good heart rate and respiratory rate. The turtle responded very well to initial therapy and was off its prophylactic antibiotic within a month of starting the medication. As this turtle proceeded through rehabilitation we saw a marked increase in weight, gaining over 4.5kg (almost 10lbs) close to tripling his weight! The turtle’s tail has also increased in length more than the other four green sea turtles in rehabilitation leading us to believe this may be a male turtle. If this is the case this turtle will hopefully never set a flipper on land again. We wish “Ophelia” good luck in the open ocean!

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