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Satellite Tracking

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Canary Islands - OAG

A project of Observatorio Ambiental Granadilla in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Airam Loggerheadjuvenile2009-08-142012-03-22951
Alexis LoggerheadJuvenile2009-09-092009-11-0860
Andrea Loggerheadjuvenile2009-06-162009-09-27103
Auarita Loggerheadjuvenile2010-05-272010-09-0399
Aurora Loggerheadjuvenile2009-07-082010-04-04270
Benito Cereno Loggerheadjuvenile2009-08-142009-09-1532
Camille Joe Loggerheadjuvenile2008-09-052010-04-18590
Chusy LoggerheadSub-Adult2009-03-132012-03-211104
Daniele Loggerheadjuvenile2009-02-152009-07-11146
Francesca Loggerheadjuvenile2009-02-152010-04-06415
Julia Loggerheadjuvenile2010-08-042010-10-2077
K. Schroeder Loggerheadjuvenile2009-08-282010-12-02461
Lea Loggerheadjuvenile2008-09-042008-09-2824
Luisa Loggerheadjuvenile2009-10-242012-02-27856
Palola Loggerheadjuvenile2009-02-142009-11-08267
Solete Loggerheadjuvenile2009-02-162010-06-07476
Teteia Loggerheadjuvenile2008-12-192009-10-01286
Tortugirl Loggerheadjuvenile2008-12-192010-01-13390
Vincenzo Loggerheadjuvenile2008-10-082009-04-02176

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The waters around Canary Islands constitute a foraging ground for juvenile loggerheads from different Atlantic nesting populations.

The Granadilla Environmental Observatory (OAG, Observatorio Ambiental Granadilla) is developing a monitoring program of the loggerhead in order to gain additional information on the distributional patterns of the species provided by previous programs (i.e. Aegina).

The OAG is a Spanish State foundation recently created and based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, aiming to monitor environmental conditions of the sea and the state of biodiversity and marine protected areas in waters around the Canary Islands and, extensively, the archipelago of Madeira and the Azores (the Atlantic subregion called Macaronesia). One of its objectives is also the follow-up of the impacts of large marine-based infrastructures, such as large ports.

Project Partners

Observatorio Ambiental Granadilla (OAG).- Dr Antonio Machado

Sociedad de Estudio de Cetáceos en el Archipiélago Canario (SECAC).- Vidal Martín

Centro de Gestión de Biodiversidad (BIOGES) del Departamento de Biología de la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.- Dr Luis Pelipe López-Jurado

Centro de Recuperación de Fauna Silvestre del Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria (CRFS).- Pascual Calabuig



Project Sponsors

Ministerio de Fomento


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