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Pink-footed Shearwater Wintering Habitat - 2009

A project of Pink-footed Shearwater Tracking in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
39138 Pink-Footed ShearwaterAdult to Sub-Adult2009-06-302010-03-08251
39140 Pink-Footed ShearwaterAdult to Sub-Adult2009-06-302009-10-22114
39141 Pink-Footed ShearwaterAdult to Sub-Adult2009-06-302009-12-09162
39142 Pink-Footed ShearwaterAdult to Sub-Adult2009-07-012009-10-30121
39144 Pink-Footed ShearwaterSub-Adult to Adult2009-06-302009-12-17170

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The objective of this project is to track the movements and habitat use of the threatened Pink-footed Shearwater (Puffinus creatopus) on the wintering grounds off California. Five birds were tagged with solar-powered transmitters programmed to operate on a cycle of 10 hr ON and 48 hr OFF. The birds were captured off Santa Barbara in the Southern California Bight, USA.

The first phase of this project tracked the departure of shearwaters from their colony in the Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile, in the spring of 2006. Check these tracks here:

El objetivo de este proyecto es seguir los movimientos y el uso del habitat de la pardela de pata rosada (Puffinus creatopus, una especie amenazada), durante el periodo de invierno. Cuatro aves seran marcados utilizando transmisores alimentados por energia solar, programados para operar en ciclos alternos: 10 horas activos y 48 horas inactivos. Los pajaros seran marcados cerca de Santa Barbara, California en el sur de California, USA.

La primera fase de este proyecto siguio la emigracion de cince pardelas desde su colonia en las islas Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile, en la primavera del 2006. Para ver esos viajes, visiten:

Project Partners

"Pink-footed Shearwater Wintering Habitat" is a collaborative project of the Juan Fernandez Island Conservancy program of Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge partnering with Duke University and U.S. Geological Survey.

Este proyecto de investigacion de los Conservacionistas de las Islas Juan Fernandez es una colaboracion de organizaciones ONG e instituciones gubernamentales y academicas: Oikonos, la universidad de Duke y el U.S. Geological Survey.



Project Sponsors

This project was made possible through funding from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This research was motivated by the North American Action Plan (NACAP) for the Pink-footed Shearwater, a marine species of common conservation concern for Canada - Mexico - United States.

Esta investigacion es impulsada por el Plan de Accion de Norte America (NACAP) para la conservacion de las pardelas de pata rosada (Puffinus creatopus), aves marinas de gran interes para Canada - Mexico - Estados Unidos.


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