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Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Population viabilty analysis of the Perth metropolitan population of Little Penguins

A project of Murdoch University - Biological Sciences and Biotechnology in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
70406a Little PenguinAdult2007-05-302007-05-311
70406b Little PenguinAdult2007-06-252007-06-272
70406c Little PenguinAdult2007-06-272007-06-292
70406d Little PenguinAdult2007-07-162007-07-182
70406e Little PenguinAdult2007-08-012007-08-1211
70407a n/aAdult2007-05-232007-05-252
70407b Little PenguinAdult2007-05-302007-06-012
70407c Little PenguinAdult2007-07-042007-07-062
70407d Little PenguinAdult2007-08-082007-08-102
70407e Little PenguinAdult2008-05-132008-05-174
70408a n/aAdult2007-06-042007-06-073
70408b Little PenguinAdult2007-08-082007-08-168
70408c Little PenguinAdult2007-11-022007-11-042
70408d Little PenguinAdult2007-11-252007-11-261
70409a n/aAdult2007-06-042007-06-073
70409b Little PenguinAdult2007-06-252007-06-294
70409c Little PenguinAdult2007-07-162007-07-182
70409d Little PenguinAdult2007-08-012007-08-043
70409e Little PenguinAdult2007-08-082007-08-102
70409f Little PenguinAdult2007-08-212007-08-232
70409g Little PenguinAdult2007-12-102007-12-2313
70410a Little PenguinAdult2007-08-212007-08-243
70410b Little PenguinAdult2007-09-182007-09-213
19100814 Little PenguinAdult2008-07-082008-07-124
19100844 Little PenguinAdult2008-10-032008-10-063
19100848 Little PenguinAdult2009-08-112009-08-176
19105530 Little PenguinAdult2008-08-112008-08-132
207784 Little PenguinAdult2009-10-122009-10-142
207927 Little PenguinAdult2009-07-092009-07-2011
207930 Little PenguinAdult2009-09-282009-10-024
208116 Little PenguinAdult2009-07-212009-07-232
208245 Little PenguinAdult2009-07-232009-07-241
208293 Little PenguinAdult2008-06-242008-06-284
208575 Little PenguinAdult2007-10-292007-10-312
208863 Little PenguinAdult2008-08-112008-08-143
209256 Little PenguinAdult2009-07-272009-07-292
209268 Little PenguinAdult2009-09-242009-09-262
209327 Little PenguinAdult2008-09-022008-09-042
209502 Little PenguinAdult2008-07-012008-07-032
209502 Little PenguinAdult2008-07-012008-07-032
209650 Little PenguinAdult2008-06-022008-06-097
209688 Little PenguinAdult2008-10-032008-10-052
209714 Little PenguinAdult2009-08-222009-08-319
209869 Little PenguinAdult2008-10-042008-10-062
210069 Little PenguinAdult2008-06-112008-06-132
210959 Little PenguinAdult2008-09-222008-09-242
210987 Little PenguinAdult2009-10-142009-10-162
211588 Little PenguinAdult2008-10-072008-10-136
211588 Little PenguinAdult2009-09-032009-09-074
211627 Little PenguinAdult2008-07-052008-07-105
212117 Little PenguinAdult2008-10-172008-10-192
212538 Little PenguinAdult2007-10-122007-10-131
212595 Little PenguinAdult2008-08-262008-09-038
212697 Little PenguinAdult2009-09-042009-09-062
212972 Little PenguinAdult2008-05-132008-05-174
213066 Little PenguinAdult2008-10-172008-10-192
213066 Little PenguinAdult2009-09-242009-09-251
213271 Little PenguinAdult2008-08-072008-08-1912
213417 Little PenguinAdult2008-06-162008-06-182
223109 Little PenguinAdult2009-08-112009-08-165
249433 Little PenguinAdult2008-09-022008-09-042
251982 Little PenguinAdult2008-06-242008-06-262
252781 Little PenguinAdult2008-06-022008-06-119
254471 Little PenguinAdult2008-07-232008-07-252
255293 Little PenguinAdult2009-05-142009-05-228
257371 Little PenguinAdult2008-06-162008-06-182
321008 Little PenguinAdult2009-08-222009-08-253
324265 Little PenguinAdult2009-10-212009-10-254
51603 Little PenguinAdult2008-09-222008-09-253

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Little Penguins from Penguin and Garden islands in Perth, Western Australia, are tracked to determine the areas in which they travel and feed throughout the breeding season. Once the areas they regularly use are determined, the threats the penguins are exposed to, and their likelihood of occurrence, can be elucidated. This forms part of a broader project to determine the population viability analysis of the Little Penguins in the Perth metropolitan region.

Project Partners

Murdoch University

University of NSW

Project Sponsors

This project has been funded under the Australian Research Council Linkage Project Scheme. Funds have also been contributed by Department of Environment and Conservation,

Fremantle Ports, Department of Defence, Tiwest and the Winifred Violet Scott Trust fund.

  • The presentation of data here does not constitute publication. All data remain copyright of the project partners. Maps or data on this website may not be used or referenced without explicit written consent.
  • If you have questions or would like to request the use of maps or data for this project please contact

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