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Georgia Sea Turtle Center - Monitoring of Rehabilitated Patients

A project of Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

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Silas (Loggerhead) is 2 km SE of the coast of United States and 27 km from Savannah

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Species: Loggerhead
Life Stage: sub-adult
Gender: Unknown
Release Date: 2013-04-27 00:00:00
Release Location: Tybee Island
Last Location: 2013-06-08 23:26:58


The Jekyll Island Authority’s Georgia Sea Turtle Center (GSTC) had heard a story about a little boy, Silas Edenfield, from Lyons, Georgia, who is battling terminal liver cancer. Silas has a passion for life and a love for sea turtles that has inspired us all. Every time he goes to have chemotherapy he requests the “sea turtle room” and his bedroom at home is filled with sea turtle stuffed animals. The staff at the GSTC were so touched by his story that we wanted to share with others. We have named a loggerhead sea turtle “Silas” in honor of this very brave young boy and will be releasing the turtle during the Tybee Turtle Trot on April 27, 2013. For more information about Silas and ways you can help please visit and

Silas’ Story
In November of 2011 Jessica Edenfield , Silas' mother, noticed that Silas' belly seemed to be a little bigger than normal. After many doctors visits the family was told that nothing was wrong with him and it must just be a growth spurt. However, Silas started complaining about having difficulty breathing in February of 2012. After several hours of waiting for CT scan and other diagnostic testing results, the doctors confirmed he had a hepatoblastoma, a type of liver cancer. After 7 rounds of chemo, Silas had his tumor and 60% of his liver removed.
In March of this year, Silas and his family were met with another challenge. The tiny tumor that was on Silas' portal vein had quadrupled in size since his last scan a month prior. In addition, there were a couple more tumors forming near his liver and the cancer had spread with about ten nodules on his lungs. "No curative treatment" were the words Archie and Jessica Edenfield heard next from the doctors.
The Edenfields had two options: try nothing and Silas may have 2 to 6 months left, or continue looking for other treatments and Silas may have 6 months, a year, or more. At this time the Edenfields are spending as much time together with their family as possible and are asking individuals touched by Silas’ story to pray for him and their family. Our thoughts and prayers are with Silas and his family. We honor him with this very special gift, a loggerhead sea turtle released back to its ocean home.

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