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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?


Gulf Green Turtle Project 2016-2019

A project of Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF.

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Species: Green Turtle
Life Stage: Adult
Gender: Male
Release Date: 2018-03-11 15:00:00
Release Location: Bu Tinah island
Last Location: 2018-04-21 01:38:50


Farnek a 97.5 cm adult male green turtle was captured over shallow sea grass foraging grounds near Bu Tinah Island, a UNESCO Man & Biosphere Reserve and Marine Protected Area some 80km off the coast of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He was deemed to be in reproductive condition following a short laparoscopic inspection, meaning that he is likely to breed later in the year. Given this, he was outfitted with a satellite transmitter to help us understand the linkages between feeding grounds and nesting areas. He also carries flipper tags 0438 and 0439 so that we can identify him if he is captured during future fieldwork. We are grateful to the rangers from the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and all of our project team for their help in catching and caring for the turtle during processing, and look forward to the data generated by the project to help refine conservation and management strategies in the region.

A huge thank you to Farnek for sponsoring their namesake turtle. This support is invaluable in helping us learn all we can about turtle behaviour and habitat use. These data will help us conserve sea turtles much more effectively, and we are extremely grateful to Farnek for their support - and so is Farnek the turtle!!!

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