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Why did animal X stop transmitting?


Israel's sea turtle monitoring program

A project of Israel Nature and Parks Authrity.

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Species: Loggerhead
Life Stage: Adult
Gender: Male
Release Date: 2017-06-24 09:00:00
Release Location: Michmoret
Last Location: 2018-03-24 01:54:13

Adoptive Parents:
Kelly Moumdjian
Escrima Selbstverteidigung
Escrima Selbstverteidigung
Miss Abel's APES Class
Theodore Ramsey
Mary Lepore
Ryan Lynch
Steven Allen Stineman
Golden Maynard

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Ninja is an adult Loggerhead turtle and was admitted to the center in October 2016. He was found by a lifeguard on the beach and was in a very weak and serious state. Once admitted to the rescue center, Ninja was diagnosed with two unrelated injuries. The first, a severe head injury that may have been caused by a marine vessel or purposely by fishermen, and the second, injuries caused by getting entangled in human debris such as fishing line, netting, sacks or plastic. Being entangled caused deep cuts in Ninjas limbs and neck and even amputated one of his back limbs.
Based on the amount of parasites and algae that was growing on him when he first came in, it would seem Ninja floated motionless in the sea for weeks or even months, not even being able to eat. At the center, Ninja received a fluid I/V and was held in fresh water for 24 hours in order to ease the removal of the parasites (who are used to salt water only). The rehabilitation of such acute head injuries is very slow, only a few months after Ninja arrived did he begin eating on his own and showing healthier swimming patterns. As if that wasn't enough, a few months after being admitted, Ninja underwent a CT scan that revealed a third injury, a fishing hook in his intestine. Given the complex surgery it would take to remove it, and the fact that the hook didn't bother Ninja's recovery, it was decided that the hook must be lodged in a safe location and therefore it is better not to remove it.
Now, more than six months later, the fracture in Ninja's head is completely covered with healthy tissue, he is eating over a kilo of fish a day, and is being released.

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