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Cc Mibir - Milbi

Queensland: K'gari (Fraser Island) nesting Green and Loggerhead turtles 2017-18

A project of Sandy Cape Turtle Volunteers.

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Species: Loggerhead
Life Stage: Nesting Adult
Gender: Female
Release Date: 2017-11-19 11:00:00
Release Location: West of Sandy Cape
Last Location: 2018-03-17 00:03:10


Mibir & Milbi are two ways to pronounce the Butchulla word for turtle.

Left Front flipper - tag QA52102 added
Right Front flipper - tag QA52103 added
s165000 Sirtrack F4G Fastloc GPS tracker
Carapace "R"
She measured 94.0 cm

She came out to nest 1.56km West of Sandy Cape on 18th November but turned around as she found tree stumps and branches in her way.
1) She nested on the night of 26th November at 2.48km West of Sandy Cape.

She attempted to nest on 11th Dec at 9.05km West of Sandy Cape
She attempted again on 13th Dec at 6.2km West of Sandy Cape
2) She nested again on 15th December 1.9km West of Sandy Cape.
3) Her third nest was on 27th December at 9.2km West of Sandy Cape
4) Her fourth nest was on 12th January at 1.9km west of Sandy Cape.

She commenced her migration on 12th January, winding her way roughly northwards away from Sandy Cape.

On 17th February she arrived near to her foraging home, at the southern edge of central Louisiade Archipelago, 200km / 125 miles SE of the Papua New Guinea mainland, and 1,490km / 925 miles north of her Sandy Cape natal beach.

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