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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?


Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program Tracking

A project of Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response.

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Fireworks' travels

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Species: Loggerhead
Life Stage: Sub-Adult
Gender: Male
Release Date: 2012-07-13 09:00:00
Release Location: Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach, VA
Last Location: 2013-12-01 21:14:12

Adoptive Parents:
Meredith Blackburn
Molly Fitzgerald
Gabriella Sabatina
Alyssa Papp
Christopher Robinson
Nina Trusso
Thairesia Trimm
Meredith Ruddell
Diane Wilson
Adrian Dawn
Silas Thornton
Ann Sherrill
Mrs. O'Connells 2nd grade class
Sam Prescott Franke
Liam Rupert
Robert & Jonathan
Janelle Cousin
Kaitlyn Wilson
Kodie Kucinski
Erik Christopher Secrest
Madison Relyea
Terrence Jung
Maggie Hogg
Asia Rusk
Ashley Marie Clark
Darren Odgers
Kris Good
Helen and Steve Dierdorf
Jaclyn Reger
2nd Grade Class 2012-13
Heather Kearney
Darlene Kane
Stan & Vicki Meares
Christopher Allen
Elaina Tiller
Leanne Nangle
Nancy Taylor
Maggie Smith
Leah Noel Ernst
Frances Young
Rebecca James
Sharon Lee Brown
Samuel Chapman
Nancy Slicis
Sophia Sallah
Nancy Lance
IMS 2nd Grade
Paul Patton
Margie Young
Sue Lindner
Greg DiMauro
Beverly Boulware
Anna Juarez
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Marola
Anthony Benoit
Baby Girl Meyer
Stephanie Rodrigues
Leigh Ann
Caroline Potter
Alex Hanlon Cummins
Sarah Mineart
Leyton Smith
Sandymount's Third Grade Classes 2013
Eric Goodman
Kimberly Neumann
Conway Sean Frankenheimer
Macy Timofejew
Brayden Mauck
RSF 2nd Grade 20012-13
Ms. Fike's 5th grade 2013
The Tortoises and the Turtle
Lindsey Pines
Speech/Language Students at Wescott Elementary Sch
Grace Heitkamp
Kris Jones-Romandetti
Melinda Carlison
Madeleine & Luke Sides
Hannah Welk
Ricky Rodriguez
Gabrielle Cox
Cory and Clayton Queiruga
Makayla Valantin
Anastasia McCleary
Brittany Pinsonneault


Fireworks was rescued by the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team on July 4, 2011. He suffered from blunt trauma to the head, likely from a vessel interaction, that causes a laceration to the head, left eyelid and left jaw. Fireworks responded very well to treatment and healed quite quickly. Unfortunately, the scar tissue around the eyelid caused the eye to become permanently closed. However, Fireworks' ability to catch live prey (quite aggressively) in his rehabilitation pool, lead us to believe he would thrive in the wild.

During his stay at the Virginia Aquarium Marine Animal Care Center, staff noticed Fireworks' tail grew significantly, leading to the conclusion that Fireworks was a male! He enjoyed meals of herring, squid, shrimp, scallops, crayfish, blue crab, horseshoe crab and almost anything else that was offered to him.

On July 13, 2012, Fireworks was fitted with a satellite transmitter then transported just offshore of Virginia Beach for release.

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and work in partnership to promote the conservation of marine life and our marine environment. Sea turtles rehabilitated, tagged with satellite transmitters, and released into the Atlantic Ocean by the Virginia Aquarium are tracked on provides the satellite tracking service for the Virginia Aquarium. accepts donations, including turtle adoptions, to help fund the satellite tracking service. The Virginia Aquarium accepts donations to provide response, rehabilitation, and care for stranded sea turtles and marine mammals, and to conduct research related to sea turtles and marine mammals (

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