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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Movements and distribution of loggerheads from Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece 2013

A project of ARCHELON in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
ALan LoggerheadAdult2013-06-142016-03-311021
Alcestis LoggerheadSub-Adult2013-08-042014-08-30391
Archytas Pt1 LoggerheadSub-Adult2013-06-222015-11-30891
Archytas Pt2 LoggerheadSub-Adult2013-06-222017-04-191397
Athina LoggerheadSub-Adult2013-06-232013-08-2563
Koronissia LoggerheadSub-Adult2013-06-252015-05-18692
Nisha LoggerheadSub-Adult2013-06-152014-11-14517
Pavlos LoggerheadAdult2013-06-222015-06-23731

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The project aims at developing a joint cross-border strategy for maintenance of biodiversity and conservation of the population of Caretta caretta, a sea turtle species seriously threatened by the impact of human activities. The project foresees these main actions:

• Development of a Management Model for marine areas (handbook)

• Management Plans for the Marine areas involved, through elaboration of bathymetric and habitat maps, identifying stress factors

• Implementation of a GIS to share information resulting from maps setting a Tank of First Recovery for the protection of Caretta caretta, in the centres of protected areas involved

• A Database collecting information on survey coasts report, areas of potential nesting; biometric data, web GIS movements of the 20 specimens paths through ARGOS satellite system

• An Action Plan for the protection of the population of sea turtles

• A cross-border Association providing exchange of expertise and the identification of joint objectives for biodiversity conservation.

Project Partners

Lead partner for the combined project is the Management Consortium of Torre Guaceto. Greek partners in Amvrakikos are:

The Development Agency for South Epirus: Amvrakikos (ETANAM; S.A.L.G.O.) was founded in 1988 with a main objective the utilization of resources of the entire Amvrakikos region, an area presenting significant growth potential, as well as the rational management and protection of Amvrakikos Gulf which is one of the most important habitats in Greece and is protected by the Ramsar Treaty.

Amvrakikos Wetlands Management Body
The 'Amvrakikos Wetlands' Management Body' is a non profit private body, established by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change with a goal to manage the priority species and habitats by balancing and controlling the different activities that take place in the core of the Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park, W.Greece, including special terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece
ARCHELON, founded in 1983, is a nationwide, non-profit, non-governmental organization working for the study and protection of sea turtles and their habitats in Greece. The Society’s activities include monitoring of turtle populations, management of nesting beaches, rehabilitation of injured turtles, lobbying, environmental education, and raising public awareness.

ATEPE Ecosystems management Ltd was founded in 2011 and specializes in environmental and ecosystems management issues.



Project Sponsors

The project is arranged under the PRO ACT NATURA 2000 initiative.


  • The presentation of data here does not constitute publication. All data remain copyright of the project partners. Maps or data on this website may not be used or referenced without explicit written consent.

SEATURTLE.ORG collaborates with Argos to help scientists and conservationists manage and analyse their valuable animal tracking data.

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