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Dugong movement behaviour in New Caledonia – Dugong 2010-2015 Action Plan

A project of Uni Pierre & Marie Curie/IRD & JCU in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
114243 DugongAdult2013-10-012013-11-1747
126914 Dugongn/a2013-10-012014-01-14105
126915 Dugongn/a2013-10-012013-11-0535
126916 DugongAdult2013-09-242015-10-28764
126917 Dugongn/a2013-09-272017-12-061531
126918 Dugongn/a2013-09-262013-11-1752
126919 Dugongn/a2013-10-052013-11-1743
126920 Dugongn/a2013-10-032014-04-15194
126921 Dugongn/a2013-10-012013-11-1747
126922 Dugongn/a2013-10-032013-11-0836
Mara DugongAdult2012-03-032012-03-2421

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New Caledonia supports one of the world’s largest dugong population. However, conservation and management actions are hampered by a lack of knowledge on the status of the population and the species movement behaviour and habitat use.

The aim of this project was to assess the feasibility of catching, tagging, and tracking dugongs with telemetric devices to determine the likelihood for a more extensive study on dugong movement behaviour and habitat use in New Caledonian waters.

This pilot project will lead to a greater understanding of movement and habitat use of dugongs in New Caledonia. This is a first step towards a better understanding of dugong movements in New Caledonia for management agencies, for future planning in relation to important dugong habitats and to inform whether current levels of protection are sufficient. Importantly, it will inform local-based management of dugongs and provide valuable information to aid the development of spatial management for dugong in New Caledonia.

Project Partners

The project is part of a PhD project directed by UPMC & JCU. This project is implemented throughout the Dugong 2010-2015 Action Plan in New Caledonia. The partners of the project are the French Marine Protected Area Agency, the North Province, the South Province, the Loyalty island Province, the New Caledonian Government, the French Government, the WWF and Opération Cétacés (NGO).




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