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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center - Satellite Tracking - Gulf of Mexico

A project of NMFS SEFSC in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
100225a LoggerheadAdult2011-07-012011-10-0899
100226 LoggerheadAdult2011-07-072011-09-0358
100227 LoggerheadAdult2011-06-242011-09-2391
100596 Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2011-10-282011-11-058
100597 Kemp's RidleySu2011-10-142011-11-0724
100598 Kemp's RidleySub-adult2013-04-102013-05-2343
100600 LoggerheadAdult2011-06-132012-07-27410
100601 Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2011-10-222012-02-01102
100604 LoggerheadAdult2011-06-122012-02-02235
100605 LoggerheadAdult2011-06-122012-01-27229
100608 LoggerheadSub-Adult2011-10-272012-04-26182
100609 Kemp's RidleyJuvenile2011-11-162012-04-01137
100611 LoggerheadAdult2011-06-122012-09-28474
100613 Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2011-10-152011-11-1531
100614 LoggerheadAdult2011-06-132012-11-22528
106338 LoggerheadSub-Adult2011-07-122012-01-21193
106342 LoggerheadAdult2011-06-122013-05-08696
106344 LoggerheadAdult2011-05-262011-09-26123
106349 LoggerheadAdult2011-07-012012-04-20294
106350 LoggerheadAdult2012-05-222012-07-2059
106354 LoggerheadAdult2011-05-212011-10-29161
106355 LoggerheadSub-Adult2011-05-182011-07-1053
106357 Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2012-05-252012-06-1622
106363 LoggerheadSub-Adult2011-07-122011-09-0858
106364 LoggerheadSub-Adult2012-05-232012-07-1351
110809 Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2012-05-242012-06-1017
110810 Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2012-05-242012-06-1623
122185 Kemp's RidleySub-adult2012-11-082013-04-26169
122187 Kemp's RidleySub-adult2013-04-102013-07-1899
128359 Kemp's Ridleyjuvenile2014-05-172014-06-1933
128363 Kemp's Ridleyjuvenile2014-05-172014-06-0216
128367 Kemp's RidleySub-adult2013-05-162013-08-0581
128373 Kemp's RidleySub-adult2013-05-162013-07-0449
128375 Kemp's RidleySub-adult2013-09-062013-10-1337
128376 Kemp's RidleySub-adult2013-05-312013-07-0131
132009 Kemp's Ridleyjuvenile2014-05-172014-07-0751
Bunker Kemp's RidleyAdult2011-09-232011-12-1987
Chipotle Kemp's RidleySubadult2011-11-182012-02-2094
Dorothy Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2011-09-212011-10-2938
Dougal LoggerheadSub-Adult2014-05-062014-08-1399
Hopper Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2014-09-292014-10-045
Isaac LoggerheadSub-Adult2014-05-062014-09-11128
Johnny Kemp's RidleySubadult2011-12-272012-05-10135
Kinsey Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2014-05-032014-07-0866
Missy Kemp's RidleySubadult2011-11-182012-03-24127
Roxy Kemp's RidleySub-Adult2014-05-062014-06-2853

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With funding from BOEMRE, we are satellite tagging sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico in collaboration with the Corps of Engineers, UF Co-Op unit, and Dave Addison. Larry Southern and Tony Tucker have been especially helpful in deploying tags for the project. The goal of the project is to deploy 37 GPS satellite tags on loggerhead and Kemp's ridley sea turtles to understand their movements, dive behavior, and habitat use to better estimate abundance and provide input for their management in the Gulf. Tags will be deployed on sub-adults and adults of both species.

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  • For more information please visit the project website.
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SEATURTLE.ORG collaborates with Argos to help scientists and conservationists manage and analyse their valuable animal tracking data.

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