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Satellite Tracking

Why did animal X stop transmitting?

Migration and breeding ecology of Montagu's harriers (Spain)

A project of Estacion Biologica Terra Natura (Fun. Terra Natura - CIBIO, Univ. Alicante) in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Pelusa Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-06-222007-05-03315
Baron Rojo Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-06-012009-07-291154
Yarak Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-06-262008-05-21330
Berganza Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-06-272008-09-29460
34704a Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-07-032007-07-2017
34705a Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-07-032008-08-15409
Siwash Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-06-212011-12-081631
Tarko Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-06-212010-01-18942
34709a Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-07-032007-07-1512
Elena Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-07-032007-09-0867
Lourdes Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-06-262009-06-10715
Pilar Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2007-06-262011-05-131417
Cova Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-06-022008-11-17899
Bloody Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-06-012009-08-151171
Hauteclaire Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-05-312010-03-011370
Mescal Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-05-262008-04-05680
Dongo Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-05-092006-07-0759
Vlad Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-05-182006-09-02107
Zarcillo Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-05-252008-08-04802
Vin Montagu's HarrierAdult2006-05-262007-09-11473
Nubia Montagu's HarrierAdult2008-06-242009-08-17419
Juan Montagu's HarrierAdult2008-05-302010-01-18598
Monica Montagu's HarrierAdult2008-06-032010-01-14590
Xiomara Montagu's HarrierAdult2008-06-252009-04-06285
80408 Montagu's HarrierAdult2009-05-272013-07-021497
80408a Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2008-07-012008-08-3161
80409 Montagu's HarrierAdult2009-06-102012-03-301024
80409a Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2008-07-012008-08-1343
Aerocas Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2008-07-022009-12-04520
Guillermo Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2008-07-022009-05-09311
Cacho Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2008-07-072010-01-19561
80413b Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2009-06-232009-09-1281
Lourdes Montagu's HarrierAdult2009-06-112011-11-16888
80415a Montagu's HarrierJuvenile2009-06-232009-09-0675
80416a Montagu's HarrierAdult2009-06-242010-05-26336
80417a Montagu's HarrierAdult2009-06-242011-08-01768
80418 Montagu's HarrierAdult2009-06-242013-10-211580

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In 2006 we radiotagged 10 adult Montagu's harriers in Castellon (Spain) using recently released 9.5-gram solar PTTs. This is the first time such a large number of individuals is tracked by satellite temeletry. This will hopefully enable us to identify habitat preferences during the breeding season, track birds' movements and identify the paths they follow during both the autumn and spring migration, identify where in Africa they spend the winter, and whether they return to breed in the same area in the following breeding season. The population we are studying is one of the few breeding on natural habitat in Europe, has undergone a remarkable spatial expansion in the last 20 years, and is one of the most succesful populations in terms of the number of offspring rised per pair every year. It has been monitored by the government of Valencia (Consejeria de Territorio y Vivienda, Generalitat Valenciana) since 1981. With the financial support of the airport of Castellon (Aeropuerto de Castellon) we have been studying this population since 2003, focusing on breeding biology, habitat selection and population dynamics.

Project Sponsors

This project is fully funded by the airport of Castellon (Aeropuerto de Castellon), and conducted with the colaboration of the government of Valencia (Consejeria de Territorio y Vivienda, Generalitat Valenciana).


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