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Oman Female Loggerhead Turtle Tracking 2017

A project of OEN-MECA-ESO-USFWS-5OES-NOAA-DOS in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Aanzah LoggerheadAdult2017-06-062017-08-1267
Aassifa ramliya LoggerheadAdult2017-06-052017-08-1268
Aida LoggerheadAdult2017-05-062017-08-1298
Bahija LoggerheadAdult2017-06-062017-08-1267
Fidget LoggerheadAdult2017-06-052017-08-1268
Khadija LoggerheadAdult2017-05-032017-08-12101
Khalas LoggerheadAdult2017-06-072017-08-1266
Khawla LoggerheadAdult2017-05-062017-08-1298
Lamia LoggerheadAdult2017-06-062017-08-1267
Matina LoggerheadAdult2017-06-042017-08-1269
Minna LoggerheadAdult2017-05-042017-08-12100
Naassana LoggerheadAdult2017-06-062017-08-1267
Qabali LoggerheadAdult2017-05-052017-08-1299
Rubaha LoggerheadAdult2017-05-042017-08-12100
Sabah LoggerheadAdult2017-05-052017-08-1299
Salalah LoggerheadAdult2017-05-042017-08-12100
Sawda LoggerheadAdult2017-05-072017-08-1297
Selma LoggerheadAdult2017-05-062017-08-1197
Sudfah LoggerheadAdult2017-05-042017-07-2279
Thuraya LoggerheadAdult2017-05-062017-08-1298
Tina LoggerheadAdult2017-06-062017-08-1267
Wasan LoggerheadAdult2017-05-072017-08-1297

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The Oman loggerhead tagging project began in 2006 and is part of a broader programme to asses the population status and spatial ecology of nesting females from one of the world's most important loggerhead rookeries, Mariah Island, Sultanate of Oman.

In 2017 the team visited Hallaniyat Islands in Southern Oman (Dhofar), to install tags for the first time on loggerheads in Oman outside of Masirah.

The tagging data will be used to evaluate the nesting frequency, interesting habitat use, post nesting migration and and foraging habitat use. Processed data will also be used to investigate the spatial overlap with local fisheries.

Project Partners

This project is a collaboration between the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, US Department of State, Environment Society of Oman, NOAA South West Fisheries Science Centre, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Ocean Ecology Network and Five Oceans Environmental Services.



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